Walden Behavioral Care sat down with Boston25 News’s Crystal Haynes to discuss the unique stressors that the holiday season can bring for those living with eating disorders. Our own Kate Craigen, Ph.D., Clinical Director of Binge Eating and Bariatric Support Services talked about why it’s important to be mindful during holiday gatherings – as you never know how your actions or words can impact those who are sitting around your table. Our friend Erin Graffam also shared pieces of her personal eating disorder journey in order to help spread awareness and support those who may be struggling during the holidays in getting the care they need and deserve.

Watch the video above or read the full story on Boston25news.com to learn:

  • What it’s like living with an eating disorder during the holidays
  • How you can help someone who might be living with an eating disorder during the holidays
  • Why there are often spikes in eating disorder admissions during the holidays

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