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For those who live in the Atlanta region and surrounding states, you have found compassionate eating disorder treatment personalized for your unique needs. We offer specialized eating disorder support at varying levels of care for children, teens and adults who identify as male, female, transgender and/or gender non-binary.

Our adult residential eating disorder program, located in Dunwoody, is the first and only of it’s kind in Georgia and provides treatment in an intimate, home-like setting for those requiring a more structured and monitored environment. In addition, we offer day and evening programs at our other three locations in Dunwoody, Decatur and Alpharetta giving you the flexibility to find the support you need to achieve your recovery goals regardless of where you are in your healing journey.

We recognize that eating disorders thrive in secrecy. And feel that by incorporating family and/or loved ones into your treatment plan can be an essential piece to your recovery. The Family-Based Treatment model is the focal point of our adolescent treatment program, designed to give parents an active and positive role in helping their child to reduce disordered eating behaviors, restore weight and resume proper adolescent development.



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Walden Stories
Ben’s Road Toward Recovery

Professional cyclist Ben Frederick developed an eating disorder when he was forced to stop competing after being thrown from his bike during a race resulting in a traumatic brain injury. Ben shares his story of perseverance and strength as he learned to navigate the road to a full life in recovery.

Coming Out Day

As proud allies, we are proud to foster a community, both for our patients and our employees, that values inclusivity and diversity. For this year’s “National Coming Out Day” some of our amazing employees decided to share their coming out stories in order to help others feel comfortable in doing so for themselves.

Walden on Gratitude

This year marks Walden Behavioral Care’s 15th Anniversary. Our staff came together to reflect on what makes working at Walden, and with you, so special.

I am leaving Walden with a happy heart and hope for the future; the second part of my journey has begun.
Sophie, age 20
Walden has moved our daughter and my family to a wonderfully positive place.
Mother of Mia, age 15
Because of the love and support from Walden, I am now starting to believe for myself that life can be better.
Mike, age 59
Walden has a tremendous program that helped grab me from the clutches of my eating disorder and pull me out. I am so grateful.
Lynn, age 47
Your compassion and support helped me believe that I no longer need to be a prisoner to my broken eyes or the voice in my head.
Tonya, age 27
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About Walden
Walden Behavioral Care is a rapidly-growing, national mental health care system specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. We are one of the only organizations committed to serving individuals of all genders and eating disorder diagnoses at all levels of care. We currently have 15 locations across New England and Georgia and have spent the past 15 years utilizing our evidence-based, personalized approach to treatment to help more than 20,000 people on their road to recovery. Based out of Waltham, MA, we employ more than 450 employees who are dedicated to supporting individuals living with eating disorders in accessing the care they need and deserve.