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Who We Serve

It Takes a Team to Achieve Recovery

To help someone recover from an eating disorder, Walden relies on – and works together with – three distinct groups. Each group has a role in the recovery process.

The Individual. We will treat anyone with any type of eating disorder. Regardless of where you come from or how you got here, if you are hoping to begin or continue the work of recovery, we can help

The Family. The chances of recovering from an eating disorder can increase when an individual has proper support from their family or loved ones.

It can be a difficult time for loved ones, too. They require support as well and Walden is there to provide it.

The Healthcare Professionals. We view outpatient providers as critical members of the treatment team. Through continuing collaboration and monitoring, we value your support as we work to progress your patient further into recovery. We are also here as a resource to the community, with continuing education opportunities and special programming to further your knowledge around eating disorders.

Walden Is Here to Help.

If you, a loved one or a patient have an eating disorder, take the first step. Please call 781-647-6727 to speak with a Walden eating disorders intake specialist or complete the form on this page.

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