About Walden Behavioral Care

We are here for you, your family, your loved one, your patients… we exist to help individuals with eating disorders and their families.

In 2003 founder and CEO Dr. Stu Koman had a vision – to provide people living with eating disorders and other mental health conditions the care and support they need, at every level, on their road to recovery. Stu’s vision, which we all live to here at Walden, is referred to as a specialty healthcare system. What sets Walden Behavioral Care apart from others is the ability to provide every level of care not only to people of all ages but also to people of all genders. We pride ourselves on being inclusive of any and everyone who is struggling because as we know, eating disorders do not discriminate.

What makes our system of care unique is that each person has a dedicated team to understand them and their specific needs. We never want anyone to feel like they have to ‘start over’ when a new level of care is needed. Our team of empathetic, welcoming and highly-trained eating disorder specialists is in constant communication with each other regarding the care of each patient and their family.

Today, Walden Behavioral Care is a nationally recognized leader in the treatment of eating disorders. We work with most major insurance companies to help you get the care and coverage you need and deserve.

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. James Greenblatt’s philosophy of care focuses on treating ‘all of you’. This means seeing you beyond the lens of your mental health condition, and focusing on your unique biological, psychological and social stressors that can influence how you cope and react. We use evidence-based treatments and highlight the importance of family and loved ones as crucial members of your treatment team. These differentiating qualities have been catalysts in helping more than 20,000 people receive the specialized care they needed to progress in their healing journeys.

Over the years, we have remained an independent organization guided by a team of innovative and compassionate leaders. We have grown to 15 locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Georgia offering a range of services including inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient programs.

Regardless of who you are, where you’re from or the circumstances that have brought you here, you have found a warm place to heal.