Our promise to you

An environment that feels warm and welcoming

We appreciate all that makes you, you. At Walden Behavioral™, every individual, no matter the age, gender, diagnosis, ethnicity, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background, receives equal access to our empathetic and affirming care. Our diverse team of care professionals has experience working with all types of people and understands that all healing journeys are unique.

Treatment methods that have proven to support lasting recovery.

We want to help set you up for continued success following treatment. For that reason, we rely on information from scientific research as a guide for the work we will do together. Much of your time with us will be spent learning adaptive coping skills to replace unhealthy behaviors, implementing mindfulness-based skills to help fight urges in the moment and reframing unhelpful thoughts or beliefs that are getting in the way of your recovery.

The level of support that is appropriate for you

No matter where you are in your healing journey, we will provide you with the level of support you need for your current psychological and medical needs. Having varying levels of care helps us to ensure that transitioning from one level to another is as quick, seamless and stress-free as possible.

We will work with you – and your insurance company.
Your health and recovery are of the utmost importance to us and we work hard to secure in-network contracts with the majority of insurance and managed care companies.

A specialized treatment team dedicated to YOU.

Our empathetic and experienced team is here to support your specific needs every step of the way. Treatment requires an integrated and personalized approach. By choosing Walden, you will receive an individualized treatment plan and care from an experienced team of professionals that could include psychologists, dietitians, psychiatric prescribers, doctors, nurses and mental health counselors.

Who We Treat
Who We Treat - All Genders
Who we treat - All Ages
Our Locations
In Massachusetts, we offer all levels of specialized eating disorder care for children, teens and adults of all genders and their families with care facilities conveniently located near Boston – one of the nation’s leading hubs of medical and clinical innovation. Explore our locations in Massachusetts.
Our expanding presence in the state includes the only state-of-the-art acute care hospital, one of few in the country, dedicated to the treatment and medical management of eating disorders. We offer day and evening programs for adults and adolescents of all genders and their families across our three locations. Discover healing at our Connecticut locations.
We support the vibrant and diverse communities in the Atlanta area and surrounding states by offering specialized eating disorder support at varying levels of care for adolescents and adults of all genders and their families. Learn about our sites in Georgia.

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The most helpful part of my experience at Walden was: all the staff’s support. I truly felt they cared and were invested in helping me make progress in my recovery.
I am leaving Walden with a happy heart and hope for the future; the second part of my journey has begun.
Sophie, age 20
93% of clients said they would recommend Walden to a friend or family member in need
I appreciated having someone to listen to me because at home I feel and fear that no one is willing to listen to any concerns, anxieties, and apprehensions.
Because of the love and support from Walden, I am now starting to believe for myself that life can be better.
Mike, age 59
87% of clients said their eating disorder has moved further into recovery since they started at Walden
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About Walden
Walden Behavioral Care is a rapidly-growing, national mental health care system specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. We are one of the only organizations committed to serving individuals of all genders and eating disorder diagnoses at all levels of care. We currently have 15 locations across New England and Georgia and have spent the past 15 years utilizing our evidence-based, personalized approach to treatment to help more than 20,000 people on their road to recovery. Based out of Waltham, MA, we employ more than 450 employees who are dedicated to supporting individuals living with eating disorders in accessing the care they need and deserve.