Family Testimonials

“I can’t tell you how nice it is to have my daughter back. Recovery is possible, and we owe a great big thanks to Walden.” — Parent, IOP

“I give Walden all the credit for showing us the path towards recovery, physical and emotional well-being and happiness.” — Parent, PHP

“Walden Behavioral Care has been a blessing to our family.” — Parent, IOP

“Walden’s treatment course was very, very challenging, but thanks to the tools the clinicians taught our daughter, she is strong and healthy.” — Parent, IOP

“We arrived at Walden caring for a broken and ill daughter and left with the tools to take her into healthy adolescence.” — Parent, IOP

“I’m eternally grateful to Walden for saving my daughter’s life.” — Parent, IOP

“The clinicians and rest of the staff make everyone feel like they are part of their family. Even after having left the program, they are available to talk and help with problems that may arise.” — Parent, IOP

“Having friends that have dealt with other facilities similar to this one, I can tell you that Walden is beyond what any other place provides. I would give Walden 10 stars if I could.” — Parent, IOP