The GOALS Program – Providing Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment for Competitive Athletes

Athletes are two to three times more likely than the average person to develop an eating disorder. Those impacted by disordered eating or nutritional deficiencies will become be less competitive in sport, more prone to injury and risk permanent physical damage that, in some cases, can be life threatening.

Walden’s GOALS Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Program is built specifically for adult athletes (18+) who need guidance on how best to optimize the balance between nutritional needs and performance goals.


To equip athletes with the mental and nutritional skills to achieve their full athletic potential and sustain a positive mindset.

Expert Team

Our multidisciplinary team of experts includes counselors, sport psychologists, dietitians, and exercise science professionals. As experienced athletes and licensed professionals, they understand the unique challenges, requirements and high demands of competitive sports.

Program Elements

Each athlete receives an individualized assessment, counseling, group education and exposure to essential life skills that allow them to thrive both inside and outside of their sport.

Our curriculum is built on Five Pillars of Strength:
1) Fueling for Sport and for Life
2) Eating Competence
3) Body Esteem
4) Recovery Skills
5) Resiliency
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In some cases, eating disorder treatment can be conducted without interruption of training or sport participation. When athletes can benefit from time off, our team works to fully preserve the athlete identity and ensure the strongest possible return to competition. Our certified exercise specialist ensures this smooth transition.

Program Requirements

  • Participants must be 18 years or older.
  • Current participant in competitive individual or team sport
  • Does not require a higher level of care.

Treatment for Athletes

  • Case management, including coordinated care with outpatient team
  • Supervision of one therapeutic meal
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy

Program Schedule

Our GOALS program for athletes with eating disorders is offered through Walden’s virtual platform. You’ll attend sessions three nights per week, three hours each night using your laptop, smartphone, or other in-home technology. Most insurances accepted. Physician referral not required.