I love meWhen I go visit my parents and walk in the door, I am bombarded by a four legged love bug named Maggie! Maggie, the dog, runs up to me, wags her tail and gives me kisses all over. She loves me no matter what. She gives me love and affection that fills my heart with joy. This is true unconditional love. A love that has no judgment…it’s just pure.

Unconditional love, like Maggie has for me, is something that we deserve to give our self and something that comes with recovery. When we are with Ed, we find it hard to love ourselves. We love Ed, who is our whole world, and that seems enough. However, that is the part that is killing us. Understand that it doesn’t have to be this way.  It can change. You can make that change.

When we follow recovery and leave Ed, our heart, mind and soul are open and in tune to our authentic self. We begin to figure out who we are, what we like, what we don’t like, etc. Most importantly, we begin to love our self without judgment and accept who we are. It’s an amazing feeling to have unconditional love for yourself. Something that once seemed so unreachable…not with recovery.  It is within your reach.

So as you begin your day, give yourself the unconditional love you so deserve.  Disobey Ed and fight him off.  When he tells you to do something tell him no and do the opposite.  Utilize tools to help you through like talking back to Ed, journaling, music, arts and crafts, calling a friend or positive self talk.  Eat that meal (with support if you need to), walk away from that behavior and fight.  Push Ed aside so you can begin to feel and see you.

Give yourself a hug and appreciate who you are. Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you”.  You are worth it and you deserve unconditional love…from others and from yourself.

With health, hope and strength,