Psychologist and depressed patient at officeAt Walden Behavioral Care LLC, the entire team takes great pride in offering Individualized Care. Speaking from experience as the parent of an atypical presenter, this notion of Individualized Care truly was a lifeline in our daughter’s recovery from Eating Disorder. Our daughter, because of her young age, did not fit into neat diagnostic criteria when we were looking for intensive outpatient options for her continued treatment. Individualized Care made the difference in her life and we are grateful to Walden. But what does Individualized Care mean for you possibly?

At Walden Behavioral, treatment takes a Whole Health approach, and is done by a multidisciplinary team. Whole Health treatment focuses on the individuals needs medically, psychologically and uses every cutting edge tool to ensure the patients needs are addressed. Treatment protocols are modified based on the individual. Often Eating Disorders present in individuals with co existing psychological diagnoses. A treatment approach that is individualized means that whether your child had pre-existing OCD or depression, he or she will receive assessment and treatment according to those needs.

The Continuum of care at Walden Behavioral Care is based on the patient. Often nearing the end of a treatment program it can feel like no treatment course is ever long enough to fully resolve Eating Disorders. Some patients often need a higher level of care. Decisions are made based on the patients needs and as a parent I can truly say that I always felt like my child’s needs were paramount in the length of her treatment. I felt like I was given the tools to navigate her treatment as outpatients when we discharged. Advocating for their patient is also part of providing this individualized care and Walden Behavioral Care’s staff has taken the time to develop positive professional relationships to arrive at a treatment course that is beneficial to all involved. It is in everyone’s interest to have a patient recover.

I hope you will feel that your child’s needs are also met, as ours were, and receive reassurance from a parent of an atypical presenter who had a positive experience with care at Walden Behavioral Care. Although Eating Disorder treatment at Walden was really incredibly hard, results speak for themselves. Three years ago, we were doing the hard work of treatment during the heat of the summer. Three years since, she has maintained a firm recovery and is enjoying normalcy and health. Be prepared to work very hard, but the same positive results could very well indeed come your way. So… HAVE HOPE!