fearChange is scary. Whether it be a change of jobs, a change of lifestyle, a change in your meal plan, a change in school, a change in a place to life, a change in no behaviors…whatever the change is it is scary but a necessary part of life. Change helps us grow within and helps us gain strength…even if we can’t feel it or see it right away.

When Ed is with you, there is no change. You go on the automatic of listening to Ed and doing what he says. By doing that, you don’t change or grow. You are stagnant, lifeless and consumed with his rules and his constant chattering.  It is painful and hard.

When you begin to follow recovery, your thoughts and behaviors change in a healthy way, away from Ed and yes, that is VERY scary. With these changes you begin to learn to trust yourselves, your treatment team, your meal plan, your body and much more. All frightening changes, but in the end these changes will set you free and make you stronger.   When these changes occur, you will become full of life, free and have the ability of self-love. These are changes for the better….even though the pain of the change is so difficult.

No matter what change you are faced with, look at it as an opportunity to grow and gain strength. If you find yourself stuck then make a choice and change.  Take the risk for yourself and feel the reward that will come.  With recovery leading the way, the change is much more palatable and our confidence within our self will grow as well. Without change we don’t grow, we stand still. Take the change ahead for you and see what you learn from it. As change happens reflect on it, write about it, feel it, learn from it, visualize it, welcome it and embrace it.  See how you can grow from it and how you can become stronger. With recovery by your side you have the power and can get through anything.

With health, hope and strength,