Worcester Business Journal
November 2015

Laura Roias is the program director at Walden Behavioral Care’s Worcester clinic, specializing in the treatment of eating disorders.

Q: What made you get into this field?

A: I was disturbed by the vast number of people struggling with eating disorders and the meager number of specialists able and qualified to treat them, so I prepared to enter the field in grad school.

Q: What are the greatest needs among the clients you see in Worcester?

A: The ability to secure a treatment team with eating disorder familiarity (therapist, registered dietitian, psychiatrist). This is a huge concern in Worcester, and many specialists who do have eating disorder familiarity have full or long wait lists.

Q: How has awareness changed during your career?

A: There is a greater media effort to destigmatize eating disorders and reduce the shame in seeking treatment. There is growing awareness that eating disorders can affect virtually anyone, including men and those in all economic classes.