Over the summer, Dr. Paula Quatromoni, a senior consultant to Walden and Boston University associate professor and chair of health sciences, spent 12 weeks teaching nutrition and dietetics students about eating disorders and sports nutrition at the University of Pavia in Pavia, Italy. This semester, Cinzia Ferraris, a University of Pavia professor, is here at Boston University as a guest speaker on nutrition and eating disorder care in several Sargent classes.

“Eating disorders are globally under-resourced, underdiagnosed, and undertreated,” Quatromoni says.

Dietitians from the University of Pavia Partner with Walden for Eating Disorder Continuum of Care Training

In January, two registered dietitians from the University of Pavia in Italy will join the Walden team to immerse themselves in advanced clinical training at all levels of Walden’s continuum of care and engage in professional development and research-related activity.

The partnership is the first Erasmus training site in the U.S. for dietitians from Italy and was forged by Dr. Quatromoni. The program’s goal is to help individuals develop specific professional skills and improve their understanding of the economic and social culture of the host country. Trainees will work as members of the multi-disciplinary care team under the supervision of Courtney Gilliam, Walden’s director of nutrition.

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