Jane Sullivan is the associate medical director of inpatient services for Walden Behavioral Care, where she provides clinical and administrative leadership for the Thoreau and Alcott units in Waltham. She’s entering her 14th year with Walden!

If you know Jane, you know she’s passionate and dedicated to her work, which is what makes her a true “Ambassador of Hope” for the thousands of individuals and families we serve.

If you haven’t met her, now’s your chance! We recently sat down with her to discuss:

  • What is her average day like?
  • What does she enjoy most about working at Walden?
  • What are the most challenging parts of her role?
  • What are some ways patients inspire her?
  • What is her advice for those facing eating disorders?

To learn more about the types of eating disorders and psychiatric services Jane and our team provide, click here.