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8 Warning Signs of Bulimia Nervosa

Walden Behavioral Care - June 2017
Bulimia impacts millions of Americans – estimates show a lifetime prevalence of 1.5% among all females and 0.5% of males. Read More

Meet Walden's Jane Sullivan - Ambassador of Hope

Walden Behavioral Care - June 2017
For more than 13 years, Jane has provided hundreds of individuals and families with compassionate and dedicated care for eating disorders and other conditions. Read More

A Mom’s Candid View on Body Image

Kristin Brawn - June 2017
I hope the young girl’s mother knows that her beautiful smile is what her daughter will remember, not her clothing size. Read More

13 Reasons Why We Need to Talk About It

Walden Behavioral Care - June 2017
The question for all of us as providers, relatives or as friends remains: how can we help our loved ones and students/clients/patients access proper mental health treatment and support prior to feeling as though they have no other option? Our answer: We can all become better informed and we must not be afraid to have these conversations. Awareness PLUS action is powerful. Our answer: We can all become better informed and we must not be afraid to have these conversations. Awareness PLUS action is powerful. Read More

VIDEO: Eating Disorders and LGBTQ Community

Walden Behavioral Care - June 2017
In this video, we discuss more behind the correlation between the LGBTQ community and eating disorders, including risk factors, treatment options and new resources for the community. Read More

Ideas for Maintaining Positive Body Image This Summer

Portia Kimbis - June 2017
No matter how much we may have dreamt about it in the long cold winter months, summer can certainly be a challenging and triggering time, especially for those with eating disorders. Here are some tips for beating those summer insecurities. So what can you do to take back control and preserve a positive body image? Here are some tips: Read More

5 Gifs for Eating Disorder Recovery

Natalie Cohen - June 2017
Here are some motivational GIFs that I hope will help you progress in your recovery. Read More

Are Eating Disorders A Choice?

Stephanie Haines - June 2017
Eating disorders are like rip currents. They highjack our instincts, alter our primal signals for survival and change our behavior. Read More

Why Dieting Doesn’t Work

Kate Craigen - June 2017
There is no research to support the ‘success’ of any diet or weight loss program, when success is dictated by long-term weight loss maintenance. Read More

Where Can I Find Help for an Eating Disorder?

Fiona LaRosa-Waters - June 2017
While there is no simple answer to the common question “Where can I find help for an eating disorder?” – hopefully the following guidelines will provide a framework (and some valuable resources) to navigate the process. Read More

Female Athletes and the Menstrual Cycle

Matt Stranberg - May 2017
One hallmark symptom of underfueling and overtraining in the female athlete however, that cannot and should not be missed, is a change in the menstrual cycle. Read More

Does My Client Need Residential Treatment: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

Shannon Stern - May 2017
Outpatient providers can be voices of encouragement that connects clients to higher levels of specialized care, when appropriate. To help you in these cases, here are some questions to consider. Read More

College Students & Eating Disorders: 6 Recovery Tips for the Summer

Amanda Kravitz - May 2017
Summer break doesn’t mean you have to hit the reset button. Here are some tips to make this transition a bit easier Read More

5 Ways to Reduce the Risk for an Eating Disorder Post-Bariatric Surgery

Rebekah Doweyko - May 2017
Here are some recommendations to reduce the risk of eating disorders following bariatric surgery. Read More

What is Night Eating Syndrome? 7 Things You Need to Know

Kate Craigen - May 2017
When you hear the term “night eating syndrome,” you may picture someone sleepwalking from their bedroom to the kitchen and eating large amounts of food without remembering it in the morning. Well, that’s not night eating syndrome. Read More

5 Ways Pediatric Eating Disorder Treatment Differs From Adolescent Treatment

Laura Roias - May 2017
Children with eating disorders have differing needs, experience the world differently and respond to certain therapies in different ways. Here are some ways with which the treatment of pediatric eating disorders should differ from adolescent treatment. Read More

6 Keys to Maintaining Eating Disorder Recovery

Bridget Komosky - May 2017
I have EVERY reason to believe that long-term recovery is achievable, no matter who you are or what your past circumstances have been. Here are some helpful tips that I've seen to be effective. Read More

Fad About You – What Is the Truth About Fad Diets?

Pat Jones - May 2017
These “fad diets” – like Atkins, South Beach and the Paleo – offer the “magic” promise of quick weight loss, among other dramatic benefits. But many individuals don't properly look through the facts to understand how a particular diet does or, more importantly does not meet, their unique nutritional needs. Read More

A Little Piece of Peace: 10 Inspiring Images for Recovery

Natalie Cohen - April 2017
We all need a little piece of peace. Check out some of my favorite pick-me-ups below Read More

Why Should I Get Treatment for My Eating Disorder?

Stephanie Haines - May 2017
In this video blog, our prevention specialist, Stephanie Haines, M.Ed., CHES, will walk you through some of the emotions you can expect to experience, why treatment isn’t as bad as you might think and some of the things you can expect when deciding whether or not to seek treatment for an eating disorder. Read More

5 Myths about Nutrition for Sport that Can Undermine an Athlete’s Performance

Paula Quatromoni & Lauren Smith - April 2017
Athletes can easily find themselves confused by mixed messages and empty promises of products or regimens that simply don’t deliver. Here, we tackle some common misperceptions that can actually undermine an athletes’ performance when myths are not challenged by facts. Read More

5 Things to Consider When Seeking Help for an Eating Disorder

Portia Kimbis - April 2017
Are you ready to take the next step in your eating disorder recovery journey? If you're looking into treatment options, here are some important questions to consider in choosing the right provider for you. Read More

Need to Escape: Is There A Link Between Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse?

Joe Dunn - April 2017
Despite having many differing characteristics, eating disorders and substance abuse share a complex connection with one common human requirement – the desire to avoid or numb negative emotions. Read More

What is the Latest Eating Disorder Research?

Priya Prabhakar, Courtney Bean - April 2017
Recent months have brought some exciting research developments related to eating disorders. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights! Read More

Raising Competent Eaters: What Parents Can Do

Paula Quatromoni - April 2017
Every parent wants to see their child succeed, in school, athletics, the arts and socially. We want our children to be competent; competent students, competent drivers and competent decision-makers. It is also a parent’s job to raise competent eaters. Read More

Athletes and Eating Disorders: An Infograph

Emily Slager - April 2017
While many who participate in organized sports reap the many benefits such as increased self esteem, connectedness and greater body image, others have a different experience. Pressure to perform and compete at high levels can place undo stress on those who might be at risk for mental health conditions including eating disorders. Read More

7 Things to Remember During a Relapse in Eating Disorder Recovery

Gina Cipolla, Marcella Berman - April 2017
Relapses are often natural parts of the recovery process. As they say, sometimes you need to take a step back to take two forward. When experiencing an eating disorder relapse, it can be helpful to remember these seven tips. Read More

Walden Names Craigen Clinical Director, Binge Eating & Bariatric Support Services

Walden Behavioral Care - April 2017
Walden Behavioral Care, LLC, which provides a full system of specialized care for individuals and families affected by all types of eating disorders, today announced Kate Craigen, Ph.D. as its new clinical director, binge eating and bariatric support services. Read More

7 Secrets to Eating Disorder Recovery

Fiona LaRosa - Waters - April 2017
While there is no magic wand to wave away all the stress, challenges and difficult moments, I’ll try to provide the next best thing: some secrets shared by individuals who are rocking their eating disorder recovery. Read More

Student Learner Operating This Life

Stephanie Haines - March 2017
Learning the skills of self-care is a lot like learning to drive a car. We often expect to already have these skills, when in reality, learning how best to care for ourselves is a process that typically requires a lot of trial and error before we figure out what actually works. Read More

6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Residential Treatment for Eating Disorders

Taylor Allard - March 2017
You’re either considering – or just made the decision to enter – residential treatment for your eating disorder. You’re likely feeling a lot of anxiety and perhaps second guessing whether this is the right decision for you. Read More

Athletes & Eating Disorders: 4 Surprises I’ve Discovered

Lauren Smith - March 2017
This semester, I have the amazing opportunity to serve as a nutrition intern for the Walden GOALS Program for competitive athletes. I''ve discovered these four things, all which came as a surprise (at least to me): Read More

Meet Joanna Imse of Walden's Amherst, Mass Clinic

Joanna Imse - March 2017
In this Facebook Live, meet Joanna Imse, the assistant program director of Walden's Amherst, Mass clinic! Read More

6 Tips for Getting Through the Difficult Days

Portia Kimbis - March 2017
The road to recovery from an eating disorder typically has many ups and downs. While there are so many wonderful days in recovery, when we are having a difficult day it is often hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel (and there is one, I promise!) Here are some A+ tips for the days that feel difficult. Read More

Is It Overeating or Binge Eating? 6 Questions to Ask

Kate Craigen - March 2017
Overeating and binge eating are terms that are often used interchangeably – yet the distinction is important. Both types of eating can cause increased stress and may require additional help or support. However, people who engage in frequent binge eating can struggle with decreased mood, low self-worth and their pattern of eating may affect relationships or productivity at work. Read More

Is it Picky Eating? Or Something More Serious?

Laura Roias - March 2017
Before you go perusing the Internet thinking your child might have ARFID, here are some key distinguishers of ARFID versus picky eating Read More

What are the Common Symptoms of an Eating Disorder?

Michael McDonough - March 2017
Eating disorders come in different forms, have different causes and are triggered by different biological, emotional and/or environmental factors. Here are some common indicators of an eating disorder. Read More

Being Here Now: Why Mindfulness Matters

Olivia Stumpf - March 2017
Regardless of the way in which mindfulness is practiced, it can be extremely beneficial. Here are a few of the many ways! Read More

Eating Disorder Recovery Tips for the LGBT Community

Emily Slager - March 2017
Just like eating disorders don’t discriminate based on race, age or socioeconomic status, they also do not discriminate based on gender identity or sexual orientation. Here are some recovery tips specific to the LGBT community. Read More

5 Warning Signs for Pediatric Eating Disorders

Laura Roias - March 2017
A 9 or 10-year old with an eating disorder?! Yes, it can happen. And because the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder look slightly different in children than in adults, the diagnosis can sometimes be missed. Read More

5 Truths About Eating Disorder Treatment

Rose Kelleher - March 2017
Seeking treatment for the first time can bring a great deal of fear, nerves and anxiety – that’s completely normal. You likely have many questions and much skepticism, especially since the road to recovery for most is rarely linear. Although treatment and recovery certainly aren’t easy, they are undoubtedly worth it. Here are five things that stuck with me the most through my journey. Read More

Family-Based Treatment (FBT): 7 Common Surprises Parents Often Experience

Amanda Smith - March 2017
Family-Based Treatment (FBT), a philosophy giving families an active, transparent and supporting role not only at home, but inside clinical settings. From Walden's extensive use of FBT, here are seven surprises parents commonly discover. Read More

Do I Need Treatment for My Eating Disorder: 5 Thoughts to Consider

Stephanie Haines - February 2017
Here are some considerations to keep in mind when determining whether or not you might need eating disorder treatment. Read More

What is Orthorexia?

Michael McDonough - February 2017
Orthorexia is a condition marked by an extreme fixation over the quality and purity of food. Read More

Getting Help For an Eating Disorder: 4 Ways to Get Started

Fiona LaRosa - Waters - February 2017
If your own thoughts and behaviors around food and weight have become unmanageable, knowing where and how to seek support can be difficult or overwhelming. Here are some steps and resources to get you started. Read More

5 Myths of Residential Treatment for Eating Disorders

Bethany Kregiel - February 2017
Examining and debunking myths about residential treatment for eating disorders can be really helpful in making the decision to enter this level of care. Here are some common myths as reported from many of my previous patients. Read More

Athletes & Eating Disorders – An Olympic Hopeful Shares His Journey

Michael McDonough - February 2017
Athletes are 2-3x more at risk for eating disorders compared with other populations. Those impacted span all types of sports, competitive levels and genders. One example is David Proctor, a former All-American runner at Boston University and current Olympic hopeful Read More

This Year, I'm Being My Own Valentine

Stephanie Haines - February 2017
Understanding what self-compassion is--and what it isn't--is a critical piece in gaining self-acceptance and boosting self-esteem. Read More

What Does "This is Us" Teach Us About Body Image and Weight Stigma?

Natalie Cohen - February 2017
For those of you that missed our latest Facebook Live discussing the best new show on NBC, "This is Us" with Dr. Stu Koman, the founder and CEO of Walden, we've highlighted 5 takeaways from our discussion Read More

Walden Behavioral Care Expands to Georgia

Michael McDonough - February 2017
Walden Behavioral Care announced the acquisition of the Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders (ACE) of Dunwoody, Ga. The joining of these two organizations brings more comprehensive, individualized and accessible eating disorder treatment to those across the Atlanta region. Read More

7 Things to Avoid Saying to Someone Struggling with an Eating Disorder

Bob Bordonaro - January 2017
Here is a compilation of common unhelpful phrases, as reported by eating disorder patients, that loved ones should avoid using. Read More

Athletes & Eating Disorders – When Can I Exercise, Again?

Emily Slager - January 2017
While there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach in determining when / if someone struggling with an eating disorder could return to exercise or their sport, here are some of the criterion we use to help determine the appropriateness of incorporating exercise back into the life of an eating disorder patient. Read More

An Interview with Paula Quatromoni, DSc, MS, RD, LDN

Paula Quatromoni - January 2017
An interview with the Senior Consultant to Walden Behavioral Care's GOALS program, an eating disorders treatment track designed especially for competitive athletes, Paula Quatromoni, DSc, MS, RD, LDN Read More

Facebook Live: 5 Goals to Work Toward Achieving in 2017

Natalie Cohen - January 2017
There are many important distinctions between goals and resolutions. Check out our Facebook Live discussion to learn more! Read More

A Tale of Two Runners: A Case Report of Athletes’ Experiences with Eating Disorders in College

Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - December 2016
Athletes are at higher risk than the general population for eating disorders, and risk is heightened for athletes in thin-build sports, including track. Collegiate athletes are particularly vulnerable to disordered eating when the transition from home to the college environment adds to the stress of performance pressures and the high demands of the sport environment. Read More

2016 Reflections: Making Innovative Eating Disorder Treatment More Accessible

Natalie Cohen - December 2016
Recovery truly does takes a village and we are humbled to be an integral part in the journeys of our patients and their families. Read More

I Was a Competitive Athlete with an Eating Disorder. Here’s What I Did About It.

Andrea Walkonen - December 2016
My name is Andrea. I’ve been an elite, competitive runner for almost 20 years. I was a Division I scholarship athlete who became an All American and a national record holder in college. I also developed an eating disorder. Read More

Eating Disorders & the Holidays: 5 Tips to Support Your Loved One

Nicole Pipitone - December 2016
Loved ones can be an instrumental support system in helping to ease concerns and reduce anxiety this holiday season. If you’re wondering how exactly you can help, here are some tips that have proven beneficial for the loved ones of someone struggling with an eating disorder. Read More

Finding a Moving Place

Stephanie Haines - December 2016
The number on the scale does not necessarily paint a helpful picture for overall health. In thinking about physical movement for the mind and body, we need not measure our success in pounds, but how we feel and where we are in achieving the goals we've created for ourselves--not the goals that society tells us we should have. Read More


Aly Raisman - November 2016
Join Aly Raisman and Walden Behavioral Care as we refocus the narrative of the holidays back to what the season is meant to represent: togetherness and the power of giving. Read More

Ambassadors of Hope: Meet Danielle Flanigan

Danielle Flanigan - November 2016
Danielle Flanigan Mental Health Counselor, Walden Behavioral Care – Worcester Clinic Read More

What I’ve Learned About Eating Disorder Recovery

Rose Kelleher - November 2016
I've learned a lot about eating disorder recovery in the last few years. One of the most important lesson that I've learned is that recovery is not linear. There is no "right" way to recover and certainly no "how-to" guide. Read More

10 Ways to Make Exercise a Win-Win

Lacey Vogel - November 2016
Exercise has many internal benefits that should never be ignored. If you are having a hard time navigating your relationships with exercise, check out some of these tips to keep exercise a win-win! Read More

What Is Binge Eating Disorder?

Michael McDonough - October 2016
8 million Americans have Binge Eating Disorder, affecting 3.5 percent of women, 2 percent of men and 1.6 percent of adolescents. Read More

Meet GOALS' Lead Nutritionist and Exercise Science Advisor, Matthew Stranberg

Matthew Stranberg - October 2016
Learn more about Matthew and GOALS, our specialized treatment program for athletes struggling with eating disorders. Read More

The Pros and Cons of Friendships in Eating Disorder Treatment

- October 2016
Can friendships created while in eating disorder treatment be a positive driver in recovery? Read More

Can Bullying Lead To An Eating Disorder?

Nicole Pipitone - September 2016
Seventy Seven Percent of school children and adolescents report being or having been bullied, but does that put them at higher risk for developing an eating disorder? Read More

Music Therapy & Eating Disorders? You Bet!

Laura Roias - September 2016
You don't need to have a music background, own an instrument or even be able to carry a tune to reap the many benefits of music therapy! Read More

5 Tips to Balancing Binge Eating Disorder & Type 2 Diabetes

Meg Salvia - September 2016
Did you know there’s a strong correlation between binge eating disorder (BED) and type 2 diabetes (T2DM)? Here are some tips to treat and manage both concurrently. Read More

Ambassadors of Hope: Meet Kera Persaud

Kera Persaud - September 2016
Our staff is committed to providing clients with the best possible care and is passionate about instilling knowledge and skills that foster long-lasting recovery for our clients. They are Ambassadors of Hope. Read More

Athletes and Eating Disorders: 5 Key Warning Signs

Matt Stranberg - September 2016
Eating disorders happen in all sports, to athletes of all ages, competitive levels, body types and genders. Most worrisome, they can be difficult to detect, even by the most seasoned athletic trainer, coach or concerned parent. Read More

5 Skills (and Real – Life Examples) to Replace Maladaptive Coping Behaviors

Lisa Morgan - August 2016
Replacing maladaptive behaviors and coping mechanisms with safer and more effective coping mechanisms can help reduce stress and minimize anxiety amid the most challenging circumstances. Read More

6 Meal Coaching Tips For Parents Who Have A Child With An Eating Disorder

Renee Nelson - August 2016
Family Meals, Meal Coaching, FBT, Family Based Treatment, Maudsley Method, Eating Disorder, Eating Disorder Treatment, Recovery, Treatment, Adolescent, Adolescence, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, OSFED, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Partial Hospitalization, Teens, Teenager, Meal Support Read More

4 Ways to Stay Recovery-Focused After Eating Disorder Treatment

Bob Bordonaro - August 2016
We often hear from clients post-discharge, that without the support of the staff and milieu in program, the transition back to daily life can be quite challenging. For this reason, it is imperative that parts of the treatment environment get carried over upon discharge. Read More

Ambassadors of Hope: Meet Curtis Garry

Curtis Garry - August 2016
Our staff is committed to providing clients with the best possible care and is passionate about instilling knowledge and skills that foster long-lasting recovery for our clients. They are Ambassadors of Hope. Read More

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Binge Eating Disorder: 8 Key Treatment Benchmarks

Lisa Morgan - August 2016
Historically routed in the treatment of depression and anxiety, CBT is becoming more prevalent in eating disorder treatment settings, particularly more recently, with Binge Eating Disorder (BED). Read More

The Return to Campus: 6 Tips for Parents of a College Student with an Eating Disorder

Emily Slager - July 2016
Whether down the road or hundreds of miles away, parents can remain invaluable advocates and support systems for their child struggling with an eating disorder while also transitioning to college. Read More

What is OSFED?

Laura Roias - July 2016
OSFED is a dangerous disease and should be taken seriously. It is now the most commonly eating disorder, encompassing an estimated 70 percent of all eating disorder diagnoses. Read More

Why is it Easier to Find Male Celebrities with “Overweight” BMI’s?

Michael McDonough - July 2016
I'm not saying that men are not body shamed in the media, because they most certainly are. What I did notice, especially after doing research for this blog, is that it seems that the media is placing more pressure on women in the public spotlight to conform to society's baseless standards of "normalcy" and "rightness." Read More

Body Shaming in the Media: Are We Just as Much to Blame as the Tabloids?

Natalie Cohen - July 2016
We are so used to picking people apart, or judging people based on their external appearance, that body shaming has become a sort of white noise that is constantly playing in the backdrop of our lives. Read More

Will AspireAssist Really Work?

Michael McDonough - July 2016
The critics are calling AspireAssist “the bulimia machine,” “electronic purging” and “assisted bulimia” – among other choice terms. Read More

Ambassadors of Hope: Meet Heather Chenette

Heather Chenette - July 2016
Meet Heather Chenette, LICSW and Lead Clinician for Walden's Adult Partial Hospitalization Program and Adult Intensive Outpatient Program at our Waltham Clinic! Read More

5 Hidden Dangers of the Paleo Diet

Bridget Hastings Komosky - June 2016
While some studies link weight loss and overall health improvements when following the Paleo Diet, many remain skeptical regarding its overall effectiveness. From a nutritional standpoint, adhering to certain parts of this diet can result in potentially damaging consequences. Read More

Bariatric Surgery and Binge Eating Disorder: The Risks Vs. Rewards

Natalie Cohen - June 2016
While weight loss surgeries have proven to be effective and appropriate for many, what some candidates for weight loss surgery, and even the medical professionals working with them may fail to consider is the very real, and even common possibility of an underlying eating disorder. Read More

What’s Behind the Troubling Rise in Suicide Among Female Teenagers?

James Greenblatt - June 2016
Walden Behavioral Care’s new whitepaper, “Behind the Curtain: 4 Factors Contributing to the Alarming Rise in US Suicides,” dives into these areas in more detail – offering specific suggestions for health care providers, parents and loved ones to minimize the risk with each. Read More

Some Thoughts On Body Image From A Male Clinician

Bob Bordonaro - June 2016
For women and men suffering from the infliction of an eating disorder within this cultural back drop, it’s no wonder why it has become increasingly challenging for many to feel comfortable in their own skin. Read More

7 Really Irritating Things People Say About Eating Disorders

Laura Roias - June 2016
Eating disorders are complex, misunderstood and subject to a lot of “did he/she really just say that?!” types of statements. Trying to dodge these annoying comments can sometimes feel like trying to dodge rain drops without an umbrella. Read More

My Redemption Letter To A Seventh Grader

Stephanie Haines - May 2016
How do you explain to a 12-year old that as she gets older, fitting in with the “popular” crowd won’t matter as much? That individualism is an asset in the adult world? How do you give her hope that her ideas, values and self-concept will change as she matures? Read More

9 Warning Signs of Exercise Addiction

Emily Slager - May 2016
So how much exercise IS too much exercise? Here are 10 universal warning signs that could be indicative of an exercise addiction. Read More

Purple Reign: Prince’s Legacy of Accepting What is Different

Stephanie Haines - April 2016
I thought to myself “Is it possible that Prince has taught me the most about what a healthy body image and self-concept ought to look like? Read More

Structured vs. Flexible Eating in Eating Disorder Treatment: When Is the Right Time?

Meg Salvia - April 2016
While eating disorders aren’t all about food, changes to food choices and routines can often be a lightning rod for bringing up tensions, anxieties and increased eating disorder thoughts and/or behaviors. For this reason, we usually start clients on a nutrition plan with plenty of structure and support. Read More

There’s No Shame In The Resting Game

Stephanie Haines - April 2016
Adequate rest is vital for mental health, learning and overall wellness. If we don’t make good sleep a priority, we risk a multitude of health issues, including the most common problems we see in individuals with eating disorders. Read More

Why Our Gym And Fitness Cultures Need Attitude Adjustments

Natalie Cohen - March 2016
In gyms across America, the biggest barometer for success are marked by external physical indicators– fat burned, pounds lost and waist sizes dropped – without adequate regard to mental health or internal physical benefits. Read More

For Anyone Battling A Mental Illness: You're A Hero Too

Michael McDonough - March 2016
If someone battling with or those having survived from cancer are heroes (which they are) – why shouldn’t those battling, or those having recovered from a mental illness be considered heroes too? Read More

Five Reasons To Include Fun Foods Into Your Day

Meg Salvia - March 2016
Challenge foods or desserts are not “empty calories.” These foods actually provide energy, protein, carbohydrates, and fats (sometimes even calcium) that our bodies need and can use as fuel to get us through our days. Feeling like these foods have no place in the diet is an example of a rigid thought worth challenging. Read More

7 Shocking Things I've Learned About Eating Disorders

Michael McDonough - March 2016
I know eating disorders are one of the most complex conditions. The process of recovering is often one of the hardest battles a person will face. I grossly underestimated, however the prevalence, demographics and the depth of their impact not just on the person struggling, but on all those who care for them. Read More

Why America Really Cares That Pablo Sandoval Gained A Few Pounds

Michael McDonough - February 2016
Opening Day is still six weeks away, and the sporting world is already considering it a lost season for Pablo Sandoval. Since when does a little extra weight doom an athlete to failure? And what gives us the right to assume that because someone has gained weight, they are no longer a viable athlete? Read More

Be A Body Warrior : Take The Pledge

Stephanie Haines - February 2016
In the service of supporting all those who are doing their best to love themselves unconditionally, I offer the wise words of Rosie Molinary, author of The Body Warrior Pledge (taken from her book Beautiful You, Seal Press Berkley CA, 2010) Read More

Five Valentines You’ll Want To Receive This Weekend

Natalie Cohen - February 2016
I’m here to tell you that you are deserving of love. Here are some Valentines that I think we all would all be happy to receive this Sunday. Read More

The Surprising Effects Of Poor Body Image

Haley Convertino - February 2016
Do people feel badly about their bodies because they’re overweight, or are they overweight because they feel badly about their bodies? This question reminds me of that unsolvable quip involving the chicken and the egg. Does anyone actually have an answer as to which came first? Read More