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Do I Need Treatment for My Eating Disorder: 5 Thoughts to Consider

Stephanie Haines - February 2017
Here are some considerations to keep in mind when determining whether or not you might need eating disorder treatment. Read More

What is Orthorexia?

Michael McDonough - February 2017
Orthorexia is a condition marked by an extreme fixation over the quality and purity of food. Read More

Getting Help For an Eating Disorder: 4 Ways to Get Started

Fiona LaRosa - Waters - February 2017
If your own thoughts and behaviors around food and weight have become unmanageable, knowing where and how to seek support can be difficult or overwhelming. Here are some steps and resources to get you started. Read More

5 Myths of Residential Treatment for Eating Disorders

Bethany Kregiel - February 2017
Examining and debunking myths about residential treatment for eating disorders can be really helpful in making the decision to enter this level of care. Here are some common myths as reported from many of my previous patients. Read More

Athletes & Eating Disorders – An Olympic Hopeful Shares His Journey

Michael McDonough - February 2017
Athletes are 2-3x more at risk for eating disorders compared with other populations. Those impacted span all types of sports, competitive levels and genders. One example is David Proctor, a former All-American runner at Boston University and current Olympic hopeful Read More

This Year, I'm Being My Own Valentine

Stephanie Haines - February 2017
Understanding what self-compassion is--and what it isn't--is a critical piece in gaining self-acceptance and boosting self-esteem. Read More

What Does "This is Us" Teach Us About Body Image and Weight Stigma?

Natalie Cohen - February 2017
For those of you that missed our latest Facebook Live discussing the best new show on NBC, "This is Us" with Dr. Stu Koman, the founder and CEO of Walden, we've highlighted 5 takeaways from our discussion Read More

Walden Behavioral Care Expands to Georgia

Michael McDonough - February 2017
Walden Behavioral Care announced the acquisition of the Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders (ACE) of Dunwoody, Ga. The joining of these two organizations brings more comprehensive, individualized and accessible eating disorder treatment to those across the Atlanta region. Read More

7 Things to Avoid Saying to Someone Struggling with an Eating Disorder

Bob Bordonaro - January 2017
Here is a compilation of common unhelpful phrases, as reported by eating disorder patients, that loved ones should avoid using. Read More

Athletes & Eating Disorders – When Can I Exercise, Again?

Emily Slager - January 2017
While there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach in determining when / if someone struggling with an eating disorder could return to exercise or their sport, here are some of the criterion we use to help determine the appropriateness of incorporating exercise back into the life of an eating disorder patient. Read More

An Interview with Paula Quatromoni, DSc, MS, RD, LDN

Paula Quatromoni - January 2017
An interview with the Senior Consultant to Walden Behavioral Care's GOALS program, an eating disorders treatment track designed especially for competitive athletes, Paula Quatromoni, DSc, MS, RD, LDN Read More

Facebook Live: 5 Goals to Work Toward Achieving in 2017

Natalie Cohen - January 2017
There are many important distinctions between goals and resolutions. Check out our Facebook Live discussion to learn more! Read More

2016 Reflections: Making Innovative Eating Disorder Treatment More Accessible

Natalie Cohen - December 2016
Recovery truly does takes a village and we are humbled to be an integral part in the journeys of our patients and their families. Read More

I Was a Competitive Athlete with an Eating Disorder. Here’s What I Did About It.

Andrea Walkonen - December 2016
My name is Andrea. I’ve been an elite, competitive runner for almost 20 years. I was a Division I scholarship athlete who became an All American and a national record holder in college. I also developed an eating disorder. Read More

Eating Disorders & the Holidays: 5 Tips to Support Your Loved One

Nicole Pipitone - December 2016
Loved ones can be an instrumental support system in helping to ease concerns and reduce anxiety this holiday season. If you’re wondering how exactly you can help, here are some tips that have proven beneficial for the loved ones of someone struggling with an eating disorder. Read More