Walden Eating Disorders Treatment and Recovery Blog

Need to Escape: Is There A Link Between Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse?

Joe Dunn - April 2017
Despite having many differing characteristics, eating disorders and substance abuse share a complex connection with one common human requirement – the desire to avoid or numb negative emotions. Read More

What is the Latest Eating Disorder Research?

Priya Prabhakar, Courtney Bean - April 2017
Recent months have brought some exciting research developments related to eating disorders. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights! Read More

Raising Competent Eaters: What Parents Can Do

Paula Quatromoni - April 2017
Every parent wants to see their child succeed, in school, athletics, the arts and socially. We want our children to be competent; competent students, competent drivers and competent decision-makers. It is also a parent’s job to raise competent eaters. Read More

Athletes and Eating Disorders: An Infograph

Emily Slager - April 2017
While many who participate in organized sports reap the many benefits such as increased self esteem, connectedness and greater body image, others have a different experience. Pressure to perform and compete at high levels can place undo stress on those who might be at risk for mental health conditions including eating disorders. Read More

7 Things to Remember During a Relapse in Eating Disorder Recovery

Gina Cipolla, Marcella Berman - April 2017
Relapses are often natural parts of the recovery process. As they say, sometimes you need to take a step back to take two forward. When experiencing an eating disorder relapse, it can be helpful to remember these seven tips. Read More

Walden Names Craigen Clinical Director, Binge Eating & Bariatric Support Services

Walden Behavioral Care - April 2017
Walden Behavioral Care, LLC, which provides a full system of specialized care for individuals and families affected by all types of eating disorders, today announced Kate Craigen, Ph.D. as its new clinical director, binge eating and bariatric support services. Read More

7 Secrets to Eating Disorder Recovery

Fiona LaRosa - Waters - April 2017
While there is no magic wand to wave away all the stress, challenges and difficult moments, I’ll try to provide the next best thing: some secrets shared by individuals who are rocking their eating disorder recovery. Read More

Student Learner Operating This Life

Stephanie Haines - March 2017
Learning the skills of self-care is a lot like learning to drive a car. We often expect to already have these skills, when in reality, learning how best to care for ourselves is a process that typically requires a lot of trial and error before we figure out what actually works. Read More

6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Residential Treatment for Eating Disorders

Taylor Allard - March 2017
You’re either considering – or just made the decision to enter – residential treatment for your eating disorder. You’re likely feeling a lot of anxiety and perhaps second guessing whether this is the right decision for you. Read More

Athletes & Eating Disorders: 4 Surprises I’ve Discovered

Lauren Smith - March 2017
This semester, I have the amazing opportunity to serve as a nutrition intern for the Walden GOALS Program for competitive athletes. I''ve discovered these four things, all which came as a surprise (at least to me): Read More

Meet Joanna Imse of Walden's Amherst, Mass Clinic

Joanna Imse - March 2017
In this Facebook Live, meet Joanna Imse, the assistant program director of Walden's Amherst, Mass clinic! Read More

6 Tips for Getting Through the Difficult Days

Portia Kimbis - March 2017
The road to recovery from an eating disorder typically has many ups and downs. While there are so many wonderful days in recovery, when we are having a difficult day it is often hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel (and there is one, I promise!) Here are some A+ tips for the days that feel difficult. Read More

Is It Overeating or Binge Eating? 6 Questions to Ask

Kate Craigen - March 2017
Overeating and binge eating are terms that are often used interchangeably – yet the distinction is important. Both types of eating can cause increased stress and may require additional help or support. However, people who engage in frequent binge eating can struggle with decreased mood, low self-worth and their pattern of eating may affect relationships or productivity at work. Read More

Is it Picky Eating? Or Something More Serious?

Laura Roias - March 2017
Before you go perusing the Internet thinking your child might have ARFID, here are some key distinguishers of ARFID versus picky eating Read More

What are the Common Symptoms of an Eating Disorder?

Michael McDonough - March 2017
Eating disorders come in different forms, have different causes and are triggered by different biological, emotional and/or environmental factors. Here are some common indicators of an eating disorder. Read More