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The Importance of Health Education in Schools

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Actually, Bill Maher, Fat Shaming Won't Make Bodies Smaller

"The truth is, fat shaming only does one thing, and that is, promote shame. And shame leads to depression, anxiety, and other self-destructive behaviors, including overeating." Read More

Suicide Prevention: We Can Do Better

In honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, it is important for us to take a closer look at our prevention efforts. What we’re currently trying, simply isn’t sufficient. We need to forge a fundamental change in how we address the second leading cause of death in those aged 15 to 34. Read More

Pride Month Promise: I Am Trying

Cindy Hale - June 2019
June reminds us that we all need to continue doing our parts to make this world a safer place for all. Being mindful of our language and adjusting it as appropriate, is a supportive way to show others that we care. Read More

Is Silicon Valley's Newest 'Wellness' Trend Disordered Eating?

Natalie Cohen - April 2019
Silicon Valley tech moguls are touting the effects of essentially starving the brain using intermittent fasting techniques that they are calling "BioHacking." Eating disorder professionals worry about the impact these 'lifestyles' can have on vulnerable populations. Read More

On the Road to March Madness?

Paula Quatromoni - Feb 2019
How college basketball commentators can impact the body image and well-being of vulnerable viewing populations. Read More

Love Me.

Cindy Hale - Feb 2019
Valentine's Day is meant to celebrate love. This love need not be for another person. This year, I encourage you to make yourself the center of Valentine's Day. Read More

Jackie Evancho Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder

Walden Behavioral Care - Jan 2019
Previous Americas Got Talent winner, Jackie Evancho tells Good Morning America about how growing up in the spotlight contributed to her development of an eating disorder and body dysorphia. Read More

Former Elite Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi Beats Body Shaming and Wins Big

Walden Behavioral Care - Jan 2019
Former Olympian hopeful, Katelyn Ohashi - now a senior on UCLA's gymnastics team - sticks it to body shamers while receiving a perfect 10 score! Read More

Transgender Day of Remembrance: It's Time We Do Something

Christine Lang - Nov 2018
While we listen to the names of lives lost too soon, we are reminded of the urgency with which we work to provide safer spaces that nurture equity, inclusion, acceptance and compassion for people who may be different than ourselves. Read More

Are Eating Disorders Contagious?

Stephanie Haines - Oct 2018
It’s always Prevention season and though we do not yet have vaccines for eating disorders, there is much we can do. Prioritizing self-care is a universal prevention and is powerful in the face of contagion. Read More

National Coming Out Day: A Story from One of Our Own

Emily Slager - Oct 2018
My family has been nothing but supportive since coming out so many years ago - I don’t take that for granted. Before my conservative, religious grandparents passed away, they had a picture of us on their refrigerator which meant they were willing to define our relationship to any visitor that asked. I know that is not everybody’s story, and I feel incredibly lucky. Read More

5 Harmful Eating Disorder Myths

Sarah-Eve Hamel - Aug 2018
Myths about eating disorders are harmful and can perpetuate stigmas that prevent many people from seeking life-saving support. Read More

Balance in Schools: How to Address Weight Concerns While Limiting Impact on Body Image and Disordered Eating”

Stephanie Haines - Aug 2018
A “healthy” weight is truly different for every person. When we hold onto rigid ideas of what any individual should weigh – especially while discounting other wellness markers – we can actually negatively impact the body image and self esteem of our students and children. Read More

New Series “Insatiable” is Hard to Digest

Natalie Cohen - Aug 2018
The netflix satirical comedy, Insatiable trivialized the experience of those who have been impacted by an eating disorder. Read More

What the World Needs Now is Kindness

Cindy Hale - June 2018
It's okay to feel, "Not Very Okay at All." Just make sure that you aren't feeling it alone. Talk to a friend, reach out to a teacher or call a hotline. Even though you may not always feel like it, there are a lot of people who care for you and want to help. Read More

Are Competitive Youth Sports Fueling the Development of Eating Disorders?

Corinne Coia - June 2018
While participating in sports can be very beneficial for growing children and adolescents, there are pieces of competitive athletics that can take a negative toll on their medical and psychological statuses. Here are some things to consider for parents and coaches of young athletes. Read More

3 Ways to Embody Eating Disorder Prevention

Stephanie Haines - April 2018
While we know that eating disorders can develop from interplay of biological, psychological and environmental factors that are often beyond our control, there are many risk factors that we can actively work to minimize - and even prevent in our everyday encounters. Read More

Exciting News in the Eating Disorder Field

We are very excited to share that our non-profit affiliate, the Foundation for Education and Research in Eating Disorders (FREED), has partnered with the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center (HBTRC) at McLean Hospital to launch the first and only national brain bank dedicated to the research of eating disorders. Read More

Oy Vey! How much do you Think I Should Weigh?

Ashley Sawyer - February 2018
Why is it that there is such a high occurrence of disordered eating and eating disorders in the Orthodox Jewish community? Find out some factors that may have an impact on eating disorder development within this population. Read More

Here's Why We Place so much "Weight" in Numbers

Natalie Cohen - January 2018
Why do we as a society place so much emphasis on numbers and amounts? There is an actual psychological theory that explains why humans have an innate desire to compete and compare to one another. Learn more here! Read More

4 Ways to “Tune Out” the Negative Messaging of Our Body-Obsessed Culture

Stephanie Haines - January 2018
The reality is, today's culture can often leave us feeling saturated in body judgment - both from others and ourselves. It is possible however to separate ourselves from negative environmental influences. Here are a few strategies to help you “tune out” body – focused messaging. Read More

The Four “R’s” of Eating Disorder Recovery in the New Year

Fiona LaRosa - Waters - January 2018
How to tune out the body-focused messaging during the New Year and what you can do instead! Read More

Why Are Male Athletes at Risk for Eating Disorders?

Paula Quatromoni - November 2017
Athletes are 2-3 times more likely than the average individual to develop an eating disorder, making male athletes a vulnerable subgroup. So why are male athletes at risk? Here are five reasons to consider. Read More

The Truth Behind Nutritional Supplements for Athletes

Matt Stranberg - November 2017
Athletes are always looking for an edge over their competitors. As such, they are often more vulnerable to (the less than truthful) claims made by nutritional supplement companies. Read More

7 Reasons to Say “No” to Celebrity Diets (and Diets in General)

Danielle Sommers - November 2017
It’s undeniable that diets can offer appeal and intrigue, promising to make us look and feel good in short amounts of time. What they don't address in their annoying little sales pitches is that they actually can be quite dangerous, and most often don't work. Read More

Is Bulimia Genetic?

Priya Prabhakar - October 2017
Our exact understanding of the intersection between genetics and eating disorders continues to evolve and there is still a need for more answers and clarity. Some notable research, however hints at the magnitude of this relationship. Read More

5 Ways to Help Your Child Develop a Healthy Body Image

Kristin Brawn - October 2017
How do we ensure that our children have a positive relationship with food and in turn with their natural body size and shape? Read More

Seriously, What Is Wrong with Fashion/Fitness Magazines Sometimes?

Stephanie Haines - August 2017
Being happy and comfortable in your own skin is bad for the "beauty" business. But you know what? It’s great for us – and it’s what every single person deserves. Read More

What If My Friend Has an Eating Disorder? (Vlog)

Bob Bordnoaro - July 2017
Here are some helpful ways to support a friend that you are concerned has an eating disorder. Read More

Viewpoint: Why BMI is Not the End-All-Be-All

Ashley Vazquez - July 2017
While one’s BMI should never be ignored, it isn’t a comprehensive marker for assessing an individual’s health. Read More

Some Truths about School-Based Eating Disorder Prevention

Stephanie Haines - July 2017
Eating disorders are serious, impacting millions of school-aged youth across America. Like any mental health condition, they warrant honest and sometimes uncomfortable conversations. But these discussions help. Read More

Walden Behavioral President and CEO, Stuart Koman Offers Thoughts on 'To the Bone'

Stuart Koman - July 2017
If you have a history of an eating disorder, or are currently working toward recovery, I would not recommend watching this film. Read More

A Mom’s Candid View on Body Image

Kristin Brawn - June 2017
I hope the young girl’s mother knows that her beautiful smile is what her daughter will remember, not her clothing size. Read More

13 Reasons Why We Need to Talk About It

Walden Behavioral Care - June 2017
The question for all of us as providers, relatives or as friends remains: how can we help our loved ones and students/clients/patients access proper mental health treatment and support prior to feeling as though they have no other option? Our answer: We can all become better informed and we must not be afraid to have these conversations. Awareness PLUS action is powerful. Our answer: We can all become better informed and we must not be afraid to have these conversations. Awareness PLUS action is powerful. Read More

Are Eating Disorders A Choice?

Stephanie Haines - June 2017
Eating disorders are like rip currents. They highjack our instincts, alter our primal signals for survival and change our behavior. Read More

Student Learner Operating This Life

Stephanie Haines - March 2017
Learning the skills of self-care is a lot like learning to drive a car. We often expect to already have these skills, when in reality, learning how best to care for ourselves is a process that typically requires a lot of trial and error before we figure out what actually works. Read More

This Year, I'm Being My Own Valentine

Stephanie Haines - February 2017
Understanding what self-compassion is--and what it isn't--is a critical piece in gaining self-acceptance and boosting self-esteem. Read More

Finding a Moving Place

Stephanie Haines - December 2016
The number on the scale does not necessarily paint a helpful picture for overall health. In thinking about physical movement for the mind and body, we need not measure our success in pounds, but how we feel and where we are in achieving the goals we've created for ourselves--not the goals that society tells us we should have. Read More


Aly Raisman - November 2016
Join Aly Raisman and Walden Behavioral Care as we refocus the narrative of the holidays back to what the season is meant to represent: togetherness and the power of giving. Read More

My Redemption Letter To A Seventh Grader

Stephanie Haines - May 2016
How do you explain to a 12-year old that as she gets older, fitting in with the “popular” crowd won’t matter as much? That individualism is an asset in the adult world? How do you give her hope that her ideas, values and self-concept will change as she matures? Read More

Purple Reign: Prince’s Legacy of Accepting What is Different

Stephanie Haines - April 2016
I thought to myself “Is it possible that Prince has taught me the most about what a healthy body image and self-concept ought to look like? Read More

There’s No Shame In The Resting Game

Stephanie Haines - April 2016
Adequate rest is vital for mental health, learning and overall wellness. If we don’t make good sleep a priority, we risk a multitude of health issues, including the most common problems we see in individuals with eating disorders. Read More