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EDNOS Treatment

Treating Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS)

Walden Behavioral Care is the only eating disorder treatment facility in New England that offers the full range of care for treating Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS), from intensive inpatient care to out-patient programs.

By offering this complete continuum of treatment, we can not only meet the needs of all patients who require treatment, we can also change treatment to adapt to the patient’s needs as the patient progresses toward recovery. This approach encourages the patient to progress.

Walden also the only facility in New England to offer EDNOS treatment for patients as young as 12, and males as well as females. While young women continue to be the population most likely to need EDNOS treatment, EDNOS is a growing problem for males and young people, too.

EDNOS Patient Placement

Based on a confidential, in-depth assessment, we will determine whether the patient should receive inpatient care, partial hospitalization or evening treatment. Each of these programs provides different levels of EDNOS treatment and has different goals:

Inpatient EDNOS Treatment

Inpatient EDNOS treatment is for those who require 24-hour acute care and supervision. Inpatient EDNOS treatment includes continuous monitoring of the patient’s condition, ongoing meal planning, therapy and support, and the security needed to ensure that the patient follows the treatment regime.

  • Medical stabilization
  • Decreased purgative behavior
  • Nutritional stabilization
  • Normalized eating
  • Pattern of weight rehabilitation, if necessary
  • Development of positive coping skills
  • Family education
  • Development of a recovery plan
  • Medical observation
  • Psychological assessment and therapy
  • Psychopharmacology assessment
  • Nutritional services
  • Skilled nursing
  • Supervision of activities
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Medical management, when necessary

Partial Hospitalization EDNOS Treatment

As EDNOS treatment progresses, patients can move into a partial hospitalization program for seven hours a day. This EDNOS treatment is also appropriate for new patients who do not require inpatient EDNOS treatment, and for those who are able to work or attend school during treatment.

  • Increased ability to eat nutritional meals and snacks
  • Decrease purgative behaviors
  • Family education
  • Emerging confidence and less focus on eating behaviors stability
  • Well developed, multi-dimensional recovery plan
  • Ongoing contact with outpatient therapists
  • Medical monitoring
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Daily needs assessment
  • Two supervised meals and one snack daily
  • Nutrition therapies
  • Group therapies

Evening Program EDNOS Treatment

Evening EDNOS treatment is available in the evening for patients who function well during the day, but need structure and support at night. Many patients requiring EDNOS treatment can work and function normally during the day, but the less-structured time after work or after school triggers eating disordered behavior.

  • Increased ability to control purgative behavior
  • Eat nutritional meals and snacks
  • Manage symptomatic behavior
  • Increase constructive coping skills
  • Maintain and improve safety and stability
  • Decrease isolation
  • Ongoing contact with outpatient therapists
  • Weekly needs assessment
  • Supervised meals
  • Family education
  • Nutrition therapy groups
  • Psycho-educational groups

To learn more about Walden Behavioral Care’s EDNOS treatment programs, contact Walden at 888-305-2997 or online.