Examples of Online Consultations for Eating Disorders

Do you or a loved one have an eating disorder? What are the health risks? What should you do?

Having these and other questions answered by an experienced professional from one of the country’s leading hospitals for treating eating disorders can be the first step toward recovery for you or your loved one. By addressing your concerns, we can help you overcome your fears and provide the guidance you need.

Below are a few examples of situations where an online consultation can help.

Distraught That Her Daughter Won’t Self Help
Concerned Mother

A mother is concerned that her 18-year-old daughter has bulimia. Although she has tried to talk with her daughter about it, discussions don’t go far and her daughter is refusing treatment by a professional. Is there anything she can do to get her daughter the help she needs? Learn more.

Thinks She Has A Problem and Won’t Tell Anyone
College Freshman

A college freshman calls “Ask an Expert,” because she wants to know whether she should be concerned about her eating behavior. While some days seem fine, on other days is preoccupied with her weight. She wonders if she has an eating disorder and whether professional help is needed. Learn more.

Concerned About Daughter’s Calorie Counting
Concerned Mother

A father calls “Ask an Expert,” because he is concerned that his 13-year-old daughter counts calories at every meal. He’s also noticed that she checks her appearance every time she walks by a mirror. He’d like a professional to tell him whether this is normal adolescent behavior or the beginning of an eating disorder. Learn more.

Has Struggled With Weight Issues For Years
College Freshman

A woman in her fifties calls “Ask an Expert,” because she has gone back to some of the eating behavior she followed in the past, when she was struggling with an eating disorder. She wants to know whether this is to be expected, and at what point she should be concerned and seek treatment. Learn more.

Stressed By Pressure To Compete In Athletics
Concerned Mother

A male college athlete who calls “Ask an Expert” is concerned, because he has started purging before each game. He recently read an article about purging and wonders what impact his might have on his health and his ability to compete. He also wants to know if he needs treatment and, if so, what treatments are most effective. Learn more.

Feels Lost in Mental Health System
College Freshman

A 30-year-old woman calls “Ask an Expert” to learn more about binge eating disorder. She is also confused about the mental health system and would like help understanding what is covered by her insurance. She wonders if she needs a therapist and, if so, what type of therapist would be best and where to find a good one. Learn more.