Frequently Asked Questions

Partial Hospitalization Eating Disorders Treatment for Adolescents

What will my child’s first day in the Partial Hospitalization Program be like?

On the first day in the Partial Hospitalization Program, your child will meet with the case manager and the program’s nutritionist. Within the first week of the program, the child will meet with the attending nurse practitioner. These members of your child’s treatment team will collaboratively work with you and your adolescent to develop an individualized plan of care for your treatment at Walden.

What food should I pack for my child to bring on the first day?

On your child’s first day in the program, please pack a breakfast and lunch. We will have supplementary food for your child, if necessary. Also, please bring contact information for any outpatient providers and any medications your child may need throughout the day. The admissions department will provide additional information after your adolescent’s intake evaluation.

What shouldn’t I bring to the program?

Please do not bring blankets or excessive personal belongings. We ask that each person bring just one small bag each day. Electronic devices are permitted only during break times.

How long can I expect to be in the program?

The average length of stay is approximately four to six weeks. You will work with your treatment team to determine the most effective length of stay.