COVID-19 Policy

Thank you for your commitment to the health and safety of your colleagues, patients, and their families.


Walden has a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy to safeguard the health of our patients and staff. The policy complies with all applicable laws and is based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Public Health, and all applicable state and local health orders. We strongly believe that this is the best path forward as a company. As of December 1, 2021, all Walden staff coming onsite must meet the requirements of the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy.


Testing is available to staff and patients on a regular basis at the Walden Center for Recovery. If you would like to get a COVID-19 PCR test, please email Connecticut residents can visit Georgia residents can visit


Boosters are available to staff.

General Hygiene

Staff and patients need to be reminded to wash their hands frequently. There should be no hugging or handshaking. Hand washing will be monitored regularly.


We encourage anyone traveling outside of the U.S. to have a negative COVID test upon return.


Regardless of vaccination status, all staff must wear a mask unless they are in a private office or are eating, maintaining a 6-foot physical distance from all others. Masks are available at Walden offices and facilities. N95 masks and other PPE needed to safely perform your job are available at all Walden locations. If you do not have access to appropriate PPE, please speak to your manager.

Positive Tests

Staff who test positive, regardless of vaccination status, are required to take the below precautions:

  • Notify your direct supervisor and HR.
  • Staff who can work remotely should make arrangements with their direct supervisor.
  • Stay home for five days.
  • For symptomatic staff, day 0 is the first day of symptoms.
  • For asymptomatic staff, day 0 is the day of the positive test.
  • On day six, if you have no symptoms and have not had a fever for over 24 hours, you can come back to work. A negative test is not required. Staff should be diligent about mask wearing for days six through ten.


Staff who have been exposed to someone with COVID (both unmasked for 15 minutes within 6 feet) are required to take the below precautions:

  • For staff that are up to date with their vaccine (completed primary series with booster) – no action required. Be diligent about mask wearing for the next ten days.
  • For unvaccinated staff – stay at home for five days. Take a rapid test on day six. If it is negative, you can come back to work. Be diligent about mask wearing for the following five days.

Patients & Visitors

Per licensing regulations, healthcare organizations are not authorized to restrict visiting or access to care based on vaccination status. All visitors complete the COVID Visitor Screening Questionnaire, including a temperature check, at all Walden locations.

For patients and families attending in-person PHP, please follow the policies in place for staff who test positive or who have been exposed to someone with COVID.

Updated August 15, 2022