“Ask an Expert” Consultants

Leading Practitioners Sharing Their Knowledge About Eating Disorders

Our consultation team is a growing group of professionals trained in working with individuals and families struggling with eating disorders. Each member of the team has worked for at least two years in a clinical capacity in one or more of Walden’s system of care and has received focused training on eating disorders. Each has a passion in the identification and treatment of eating disorders. All of our team members hold advanced degrees in their field and include the disciplines of social work, mental health counseling , psychology, and nutrition.

They know what to do when…
…A daughter who appears to have bulimia refuses to seek treatment or even to talk about it.
…A young woman’s preoccupation with her weight leads her to think she has an eating disorder.
…A father is concerned that his daughter is always counting calories and checking her appearance in a mirror.
…A person who was successful treated for an eating disorder finds herself repeating past eating behavior.
…An athlete who has begun purging before each game is concerned about the potential impact on his health.
…A patient who believes she has binge eating disorder doesn’t know what kind of help she needs.