“I don’t feel like eating.” “I’m not hungry.” “I’m too busy to eat.” These are some things that you could say during your recovery. You may say them and follow them thinking you are learning and practicing intuitive eating and listening to your body. Don’t be fooled.

In early and mid recovery these thoughts may come into your head, especially if you are going through some trying times and your feelings are busy at work. Know that it is Ed trying to manipulate the situation and your recovery and get you to follow him. Nothing good can come of out of you skipping a meal or snack. That behavior is Ed and not recovery. Skipping meals and snacks is not an option in recovery.

This is where you must eat no matter what…no excuses. You need to keep your body and brain nourished so they can learn to work together and keep you healthy. Even if you aren’t hungry when lunchtime arrives, you must eat anyway. If you are busy, you must fit food into your day. Don’t let Ed convince you that you aren’t hungry, or that you are too busy or that you need to eat only when he allows it.  Food must be woven into your day with no excuses.  Recovery needs to be your priority. Skipping is Ed and that won’t get you the freedom you deserve and seek.

Stay strong in those moments Ed tries to convince you to follow him. Keep focused on the recovery goal and stick to your recovery and meal plan. Make a plan on when and what time you will eat and eat with supports if that will help you.  If you are busy during the day, plan your the activities around your mealtime so it all fits.  No matter what your day brings, food always needs to be a part of it. By doing so, it will keep you healthy and set you free.

With health, hope and strength,