When I was with Ed, I didn’t have any dreams or goals.  My main concentration was Ed and Ed alone.  I listened to what he told me, I did what he said and I didn’t ask questions.  I let Ed plan my life for me and followed his path.  I didn’t know at the time that he was killing me and taking away everything from me.  I was too brainwashed by Ed to see clearly.

When I made the “choice” to follow recovery (recovery is a choice and you have that power), I committed to do what I needed to do to recover. I wanted to be able to have dreams and goals that didn’t include Ed.  I wanted a life of freedom.  So I did what my treatment team said and followed the path of recovery.  (hard but achievable)

As time went on, my brain and body became healthy and things began changing in my life.  I could see in color and I began to envision a life without Ed and began to dream.  I dreamt of writing a book, I dreamt of speaking engagements, I dreamt of being a role model, I dreamt of making a difference.

Because of recovery all of those dreams I had back then have come true for me.  I can do all of the things I dream because I am healthy in mind, body and soul. I am free…free to do what I want.  The sky is the limit.  I am in control and I have the power. I am no longer a prisoner.   I am not held back in darkness…I only see light.

What do you dream about?  Know that it is achievable with recovery leading the way.  You can have what you desire.  Take a moment and write out some of your dreams.  Daydream about what it would look like and how it would feel.  Write it down in your journal.  Have coffee with a friend or family member and tell them your dreams.  Gain the support behind your dreams to make them a reality and in doing so your recovery will get stronger and you will become free.  No dream is too big or too small.  What matters is that you dream and know that whatever it is, it can be yours.  Fight for it…fight for yourself and your recovery.

Follow recovery and you too will see in color. You will see the light. You will have and reach your dreams and find the freedom you so richly deserve.  Stay strong and know you CAN beat Ed.  Recovery and your dreams are there for the taking …reach out, grab them and don’t let go!

With health, hope and strength,