As I was driving to work the other day, I noticed all the leaves on the ground signaling the end of fall in New England. This got me thinking about the stages of change that leaves go through.  They start green, then change color, and then depart the life they knew as they fall to the ground and take the next step. The tree is then ready for its next life’s journey – winter.

The season of fall, as all seasons, is like recovery, it is a process that requires patience.  Each stage you go through gets you ready for the next step and the next chapter of your life. Like the leaves, some days of recovery are vibrant and others are drab. All of it is an opportunity to still learn and move forward. Appreciate the good, the bad, and the ugly and understand that all of it is a necessity to move forward to freedom.

The leaves fall to the ground and the trees shed their skin and begin to get prepared for what’s next. As you leave Ed, your true self comes out as you begin to get prepared to see who you are without Ed attached. The process is hard, but worth it all for what you will feel in the end…freedom.

Learn from each season or stage of the recovery process and know that with each step you take you are one step closer to being free. Stay strong like the trunk of a tree and push yourself through the process and feel all the seasons along the way for it will only get you stronger. You will slowly begin to see the vibrant colors that recovery and life has to show you. You can do this!

With health, hope and strength,