I went to a part of Maine recently that I’ve only been to a few times before.  Upon leaving, I punched my home address into my GPS.  I knew the general area, but didn’t know the back roads or how to get back to the highway.  As I proceeded to follow the directions, I realized it was taking me in a different direction than the way I came.  It took me down side roads, on main routes and then I traveled on the highway.  I was going every which way and it didn’t seem like I would ever get home, but I trusted I’d be ok. Then, in the next few minutes, the road opened up and I recognized where I was and before I knew it, I was home. I made it!

That trip home reminded me of the different paths that recovery takes you.  One day or minute it can be bumpy, then it can be smooth and then it’s full of twists and turns.  No matter how many different turns and paths you take on your journey, you can and will ultimately reach where you are going… recovery.

The recovery path we follow can be scary as we can’t see what’s ahead.  It’s hard to trust something you can’t see.  Know that even though you can’t see what’s down the road or around the corner, it is much better than the place you are leaving.  It may be difficult to navigate, but the ride is worth it once you have arrived.  There is beauty along the way, so look for it.  Don’t turn away for there are many things to learn along the road you travel.  Trust in the guidance you are given.

As you proceed down the road that recovery has laid out for you remember a few things.  Be kind to yourself both mentally and physically. Be patient with the process.  If you fall, get right back up. Remember you are worth it and you do deserve it.  Never give up and always believe.

Stay on the path and follow the voice of recovery no matter how uncomfortable or scary it seems. Trust it.  Let recovery be your lead.  If you do, you will get there. I promise. One mile at a time.

With hope, love and strength,