MirrorteensmallA day in the life of a mirror is no easy thing,
What, do you really think that all we do is sit around and mimic
people all day?
If so, I just would like you to know, that we have feelings too,
Do you know what it’s like to have all that pass by, stare at you?
Squint and judge and turn this and that.
They sure don’t like what they’re looking at,
Some come up close and some step back. Either way, please, cut us
some slack.
And then those who seem to be arrogant and rude, come to me, with the
best attitude.
Show their teeth and twirl their hair,
I even help them decide what to wear.
I wonder why everyone looks at me differently,
When I just sit here quietly,
Don’t you understand it’s not you, it’s me?
My surface does not tell any lies,
But neither does it define,
Who you are or what you do,
Am I really that special to you?
I’m just an image and I am flat,
Just a picture of what I am looking at,
I don’t know your heart, your soul,
So why do you think my picture is you as a whole?
Turn around you look fine
It seems that the only opinion that matters to you
Is mine.


By: Jodie Rementer