I’m pleased to announce the recipients of Walden Behavioral Care’s 2012 Difference Maker Award.  The recipients where nominated by their peers for going above and beyond and making a significant difference in the lives of our patients, families, and staff.

Below we’ve shared their photos accompanied by the acts of thoughtfulness, kindness, hard work, and consideration they demonstrate every day.

Please join me in congratulating Walden’s 2012 Difference Maker Award recipients!

Michelle Felton – Clinician, Adolescent IOP, Waltham

Established herself as a dedicated professional in the treatment of adolescent ED & also to the growth & improvement of Walden

Tirelessly works to train new staff, work with clinicians in our satellite clinics, and spearheads quality improvement processes within and between levels of care

Truly a “difference maker” as both a Walden employee and as a mental health professional

Keeps patients needs a priority and goes above and beyond every day

Courtney Keeler – Mental Health Counselor, PHP, Waltham

Always makes my day better

Keeps calm under pressure and has tremendous patience with our patients

Kind, dedicated, and encouraging of her team members

Always motivated to make changes that benefit our patients

Kate Rosenblatt – Clinician, South Windsor, CT Clinic

Always has a smile on her face while working extremely hard every day

In addition to the day-to-day activities, she manages a full caseload and is always striving to find ways to help patients in their recovery

Always stays positive and is very caring with her patients and our staff

Finds unique ways to problem solve, which encourages her colleagues to do the same

Nancy Vigeant – Registered Nurse, Alcott

Great leader and takes charge when necessary

Always a smiling face on Alcott

Unbelievable nurse who possesses an incredible amount of patience and poise with our patients

Goes above and beyond every day and is a great role model for all of us

Joe Cooley – Mental Health Counselor, Thoreau

Great preceptor who helped me in making my transition to Walden through his extensive knowledge and experiences

Promoted to lead mental health counselor and has since made Thoreau more organized and consistent

Always does his own work and then some

Everyone is always pleased when they know they’re working with Joe

Mary Nolan – Nurse Manager, Alcott & Thoreau

Tremendously dedicated and caring to our patients on Alcott and Thoreau

Continuously goes out of her way to make everyone comfortable – staff, patients, and families

Has made a significant difference on both Alcott and Thoreau since joining Walden

Always there to help staff as well as patients