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Special Topics

ARFID Treatment – Patient Story

Western Mass News aired a story featuring Walden's Amanda Smith and one of our amazing alumni, Layla, who received treatment in our program for kids with ARFID - avoidant restrictive food intake disorder. In [...]

5 Warning Signs of Anorexia in Adolescents

Since the start of the pandemic, hospitalizations for in adolescent populations have skyrocketed. In one study, the number of admissions has doubled. At Walden’s Center for Recovery, we have seen a dramatic increase in [...]

Using Biofeedback to Treat Eating Disorders

What is biofeedback? Biofeedback is a tool used to practice self-regulation and can help improve anxiety, stress, sleep, mood, and more. There are several kinds of biofeedback, and at Walden, we use heart rate [...]

Bypass the Wait List Georgia Residential Now Accepting Patients

Our compassionate and experienced team can provide you with the individualized attention that you need and deserve.