Nourishing oneself with food is an important and vital factor in recovering from Ed. Food is medicine and is imperative part of recovery to getting rid of Ed. Without the proper nourishment your brain is unable to think correctly, so feeding it breaths life to your recovery voice and gives you the power you need to win. Also, variety in your choices is vital and you learn that there is no such thing as bad foods.

Not only do you need to nourish your brain with food, you need to nourish your soul from within. Finding out as you follow along in recovery what feeds you helps you heal. It could be finding peace with a yoga or meditation class, hanging out with family and friends, religion, volunteering in some fashion, outdoor activities, bowling, writing, watching old movies, etc. There are many ways we can nourish ourselves to feel whole.

As you move along in the recovery process, you begin to find out what helps you feel nourished inside as you leave Ed and find what is important, not Ed. Yes, it does take time and you may try a lot of things before you find the things that fit and yes, it can be painful because Ed was such a big part of your existence, but know that it does happen and you will find things, in addition to food, that nourish your mind, body and soul…all without Ed. Don’t give up.

Take today as an opportunity to find out what nourishment might mean for you. Brainstorm with a friend or your therapist to come up with a list of things you want to try so you can see how it feels inside.  Be conscious of how you feel and know that feeling is ok and a normal part of life and recovery.  There is no need to be afraid to feel, it’s ok.  If Ed has told you before you shouldn’t or can’t do something, then disobey him and do that thing. Feed your body and brain with the food it needs and feed your mind and soul with nourishment and breathe life into your recovery. What feeds you?

With health, hope and strength,