During our life, and in our recovery, we are faced with feelings and challenges that bring us to the edge of anxiety, stress and frustration. Going through all of these feelings, stressors and emotions can bring upon uncomfortableness….…an uncomfortableness that you may think can only be soothed by Ed.  That is wrong.

It’s times like that, during the uncomfortable feelings and life stressors that you need to forge ahead, feel and express and eat anyway.  Feel it all while you nourish yourself, for that is progress.  Forge ahead and practice your tools of recovery for knowing that if you continue to follow the recovery path freedom awaits you.

When you are faced with life stresses and feelings that overwhelm you, continue—no matter what, no excuses—to follow your meal plan and follow recovery. Doing so continues to strengthen your body and mind and shows Ed you do not believe his lies any longer. You own it and have the power. The comfort Ed tells you he can give you is a LIE. Know this: EVERYTHING ED SAYS IS A LIE. Recovery speaks the truth.

So take a deep breath, meditate, listen to a recovery song, take a bath, cry, scream, call a friend or journal to help you through the feelings and stressors all the while following your meal plan. There are no such things as excuses not to follow recovery so be diligent and committed to finding the freedom you deserve and desire.

Difficult feelings aren’t excuses; fights with family aren’t excuses; not being hungry aren’t excuses; doing homework aren’t excuses……there are no excuses not to follow recovery.  Excuses are products of Ed.  Freedom can be achieved so no matter what you are faced with, face it with recovery by your side, not Ed. Recovery makes a better partner. Keep fighting and always believe.

With health, hope and strength,