As you know, I am a hospice volunteer. Recently my patient, Louisa, passed away. I have been seeing her for many months and we became very close. She was 92, very spry and very alert until the very end. She loved each moment and reminisced about her early days with her family and friends. She made me smile and I made her smile. I will miss her.

As I sit here, I think about her telling me stories about her younger years, about times with her family and friends and the fun and freedom she had in living. When she would tell me these things, she would smile from ear to ear and I would listen intently on what she was saying for it was very interesting and made me chuckle. We both laughed at her stories.

Those freedom and memories are important to hear because when you are with Ed, memories like the ones Louisa told me don’t happen. You don’t feel anything or have any emotion or fun. You tend to isolate to be with Ed and listen to what he instructs you to do, what to eat, how to feel and so on.  You let Ed make your memories and the memories he gives you are not ones you want to have…and not what you deserve.

Take control of making your own memories and follow recovery. By following recovery and leaving Ed behind, you can make wonderful memories that brighten your world and let you see and feel in color. Do something new and take a risk.  Call friends for support or go experience things with family.  Make a goal to do something new each week so your memory bank can begin to be filled with Ed-free memories.  Go to a play, a movie, rock climbing, bowling or coffee with friends.  Don’t let him take them from you.  You are in control of your life and you can make as many new memories as you desire…all without Ed.

With recovery, life is full of friends, dreams, vision, color, love, freedom and memories. All memories without Ed and all ones we want to hold on to and remember…and one’s we deserve.  Disobey Ed, follow recovery and let your life begin to make the memories that you will want to share with your friends and family.   Recovery happens!

With health, hope and strength,