One day last week out of the blue my back decided to give me some trouble. So much so that it was very hard for me to walk. I put a plan in place to take care of what my body was telling me. I took some medicine, called my massage therapist, did some yoga postures, iced my back, and got some rest. All of these things were necessary to get me feeling better and on my feet again. I listened to what my body was telling me and I reacted with kindness, care, and love.

This experience reminded me of the recovery process and how we need to listen and be sure we are kind, caring, and loving to our self. Giving our body and mind what it needs is an essential factor in moving forward. Giving it the food it needs to flourish, giving it the information it needs to grow, and giving our heart the love of self-acceptance.

Yes, it is difficult to listen to our body, the thing we don’t want to acknowledge, but listening to our body and giving it what it needs to heal is a key factor in being free.  As you move along in your process, if you become tired, take a nap; if a part of your body hurts, mend it; if your body is becoming weak, nourish it.

There are many ways in which our body talks to us and we must listen to it and respond in healthy ways. When we do, our body will respond back positively.  We must care for each other…you and your body are a team.

Listen to your body and react with kindness and love…when that happens we know Ed is not involved and that is pure bliss!

With hope, love, and strength,