I went to New York City to visit a friend and to hang out, see some sights, and go shopping.  I wanted to do some touristy things during this visit so we bought tickets to see the Statue of Liberty and visit her crown.  We had a wonderful time and made great memories together.  These memories for me were made more memorable because of the significance of where we were and how far I have come.

The day of visiting Lady Liberty came and we were both excited to visit her crown, as neither of us had been to the top before.  We climbed step after step until we reached the top.  There we stood inside the Statue of Liberty touching the very soul of her being while looking out onto the NYC skyline.  I was blessed not only to be lucky enough to share this amazing experience with my friend, but I was blessed that my health allowed me to achieve such a great climb.

Before recovery, Ed took my health, among other things, from me.  I would not have been able to physically climb the steps to the top nor would I have even ventured out on vacation to socialize with my friend.  Now that I am recovered, I have the capacity to do all of it and I can appreciate each step I took and how hard I worked to get there.  With hard work and commitment, you too can be in good health and do things you desire, like go on vacation, and socialize with friends.  There is nothing stopping you.  You can feel that sense of pride inside your soul.  You are stronger than you think and more importantly you are stronger than Ed.

As we were on the ferry headed back to shore, the boat passed Lady Liberty for one last look.  As we went by, my heart filled with pride and my eyes filled with tears as I realized that me and Lady Liberty share a common bond.  She stands for freedom and freedom is something I achieved.  Recovery has shown and given me the freedom that Lady Liberty wants everyone to have.  The freedom to live your life, be who you are, and make your own choices…all unreachable when you live with Ed.  Stand tall like Lady Liberty and take a stand for your freedom…fight Ed.  Step-by-step you will reach the top and find freedom!  You can do it!

With health, hope, and strength,