The purpose of this blog is for reassurance.  Reassurance in the fact that you can feel and be strong at the same time.  Over the past few days, I was talking to two different people at two different times and I was crying to each one of them as I was feeling very sad about something. When I was expressing my emotions, the response they both told me was, “Cheryl you need to be strong, come on now.” I was a bit annoyed at what they said, but understood that they might find it difficult to express themselves. However, I wanted to let them know my position, so I replied back, “I can feel and be strong at the same time.”

I am here to remind you that feeling feelings is great work and such a gift.  Just because you are feeling certain feelings, like sadness, loneliness or fear you can at the same time be strong.   Feeling feelings does not mean you are weak. It does mean you are strong and actually you are getting stronger with each feeling you feel, accept and experience.

Yes, it can be very overwhelming to feel, but feeling is what recovery gives us and it is something that strengthens our beliefs, our soul and our heart to help us move forward. Feeling feelings makes us stronger in life and in our recovery.

So, rest assured that you are strong when you feel and don’t let anyone (including Ed) tell you any different. People that do not show emotions are perhaps shy about expressing feelings. Know in your heart that feeling is moving you forward to a stronger, healthier and happier recovered you! How do you feel today?

With health, hope and strength,