I recently attended my friend’s baby shower.  It was great to see people I haven’t seen in awhile.  My friend looked so happy and was so excited for her first child to arrive.  As we were all sitting around gossiping and having fun, her Mom walked into the room and said “food’s ready.”  Slowly everyone got up and made their way into the kitchen and began to wait in line.

I made my way past all the different dishes.  There were some interesting dishes I had never seen before and also some familiar ones as well. I took a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I was excited to taste all the different things on my plate.  After choosing the delicious foods I wanted to taste, I returned to my seat with my friends and ate.

I still am amazed by this scenario which recovery has given me the ability to have.  Being social and having and enjoying a variety of foods is so empowering.  As you know, when we are with Ed, being social and in a room full of food usually doesn’t happen…Ed wouldn’t let it.  We would do as he instructed and didn’t ask questions. We would obey.

Don’t obey him.

With recovery leading the way, you too can go through the buffet line picking all sorts of things to eat all while chatting and socializing with friends.  Variety is the spice of life.  Don’t let Ed take that away from you.

So, make plans with some friends, be social, and eat your fear foods.  You will be OK.  Feel the empowerment behind the action of pushing through your fears.  Feel all the feelings that go with it and know that feeling it all is a success. Do it with recovery by your side.

With hope, love and strength,