After working all week, weekends are usually for relaxing.  However, for me lately, I have been putting my energy towards some cleaning and getting things done around the house.  This is what my recent weekend agenda looked like:  organizing my stuff in the basement,  journaling, going to see a patient (I’m a hospice volunteer), doing laundry, cleaning my house, meditating, going out with my friends and the most important thing – eating!

As I laid in bed Sunday night, I realized all of the things that I did this weekend and the energy it took to do it all.  I instantly became so appreciative for my recovery and all that it has given me the ability to do.  When I was with Ed I did not have the energy or drive to do anything except be with him.  My days and thoughts would be consumed with Ed, calories, behaviors, food etc. I didn’t have the energy to do anything else.  If I did muster up to do something small, I was on automatic and didn’t even have the ability to “feel” the experience.  I was numb.

With Ed out of my life and recovery taking his place, I have the ability and energy to do anything I want, go anywhere I want and eat anything I want… all without Ed.  Understand that you too can get your energy back and enjoy all it can give you.  It starts with a commitment and then action.  Commit to yourself and your recovery. Eat your meal plan, go to your appointments, get some rest and do your recovery tools.

As you progress in your recovery, your energy will strengthen and you will begin to feel better from the inside out.  You will then have the ability to do things you once avoided or didn’t have enough strength to do… with recovery that all changes.  It is within your reach.

Don’t let Ed take any more of your energy.  Follow recovery, feel the energy and put it towards life and all it has to offer.

With hope, love and strength,