This past week I had all sorts of feelings going on inside my body.  I was feeling anxious, tired, stressed, sad, happy, overwhelmed, proud and loved.  The best part of feeling all of these feelings is that I can actually feel them, express them and let them go.  I have recovery to thank for that and couldn’t be happier.

What is so amazing is that no matter what the feeling is, I deal with the feeling that is presented to me in a healthy way and then let it go.  I feel it, accept it and let it go.  Even if the feeling is difficult, I still sit with it and respond accordingly.  Recovery gives you the ability to process that and your recovery tools are essential in helping you out.

To help with the difficult and overwhelming feelings you may have, there are a few tools that you can do to help you manage.  You can do some writing whether it be in a journal, write a short story, write a song or write a letter.  You can call a friend and discuss what you are feeling. You can go to a yoga class or take a walk .  You can do some deep breathing or meditate.  You can play with your dog or cat and you can utilize positive self talk.  Doing these tools help you feel, accept and then let go in a healthy way rather than resorting to Ed.  Running to Ed doesn’t help the process, as it only draws you backwards and inwards to an unhealthy place.  Running to Ed is not the answer…feeling is.

Recovery gives you the ability to feel anything and get through it in a healthy way.  It may be difficult at first but with patience and self love you work through it and in the end you feel empowered and strong.  Recovery makes you feel better, Ed doesn’t.  Feeling feelings (in a healthy way) is what is needed to move ahead in the journey of recovery.  The next time you come up with feelings; use some tools and feel them, accept them and then let them go…don’t run to Ed…Ed=Bad, Feelings=Good!

With health, hope and strength,