Recently, I went to a 90th birthday brunch for an old colleague of mine.  Before recovery, I would never go to brunch, but today I couldn’t wait to go! Anyway, when I got home I was not feeling so well.  Actually my stomach was killing me and I had a splitting headache.  I walked into the house and saw all the work I had to do—laundry, working on a speech, paying bills, and finishing a project for work.  Two things were on deadlines so needless to say I felt under pressure.

I continued to press on and begin my work and then I said to myself.  “Cheryl, listen to your body and do what it is telling you – rest and get better”.  My second thought was, “I’m too busy, I can’t,” but then I realized something.  Before recovery, my entire life was spent with Ed and Ed told me what to do, when to do it, and I didn’t feel my body or listen to it at all; I only listened to Ed.

As I stood in the kitchen feeling sick, I realized that if my body isn’t well, I won’t be productive and none of the things I need to get done will happen correctly.  So, I decided to listen to my body and go lie down and rest.  As I lied in bed I said to my body, “sorry for almost blowing you off.”   When I was with Ed, he would make me feel guilty for taking care of myself and listening to my body…not now…now that I am recovered I take care of myself and my body and you can too!

With the hard work I have done in my recovery, I have learned what my body sounds like and feels like and I respond in a healthy way to it.  Ed doesn’t give you those options, he takes them all away. Take it back—you have the power.  Your body is a powerful vehicle that should be respected in sickness and in health.  Treat your body with kindness, give it nourishment and give it the attention and health it needs to thrive.

With health, hope, and strength,