Walden is proud to be the home to some of the nation’s most talented providers in the eating disorder field.

Our staff is committed to providing clients with the best possible care and is passionate about instilling knowledge and skills that foster long-lasting recovery for our clients. They are Ambassadors of Hope.

Curtis Garry, Manager of Quality Improvement

curtisTell us about your current role at Walden?

I am responsible for improving the quality of all areas across Walden Behavioral Care, from the patient experience to clinical processes to staff performance. Quality drives customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, reputation and ultimately, financial performance. In addition to this role, I am also the Human Rights Officer. If patients have a complaint about their stay with us, I work with them and our staff to resolve them in the timeliest manner.

How long have you worked at Walden? I’ve been here just over two years.

What is your favorite memory/proudest moment at Walden? It’s impossible to pick just one memory – there are so many. I have enjoyed collaborating with staff on various projects, but my favorite memories involve working with patients and their care team to improve their stay in any way possible.

Describe your “average day” I generally spend about half my day behind the scenes working on licensing reports, patient satisfaction projects and related activity, with the other half on the frontlines interacting with staff and patients.

How have patients inspired you? Our patients, especially on our inpatient units, are in the midst of the some of their most challenging days. To see them working hard every day focusing on their recovery and getting better is always inspiring to me.

What drew you to Walden initially?

I had never heard of a facility that was focused on eating disorders and knew right away how unique Walden is. In my time here, I can truly say there is no other place like this. If it wasn’t for Walden and the great work of our team, patients would have no other place to go.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

Having multiple responsibilities means that I have to carefully balance assignments and make sure I spend enough time on each project. This can be challenging, however, but it is also one of the things I like most about my job. Every day is different and very interesting!

What has surprised you most about working at Walden?

The people I work with. Our staff does an outstanding job day in and day out in truly helping our patients and their families. It is incredible how many lives are impacted each year by the Walden staff.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the workplace?

Most of all, spending time with my loving family and friends. I also golf a lot in the summer, play on a softball team and enjoy going snowboarding a few times each winter.

What might your colleagues at Walden be surprised to know about you?

I love to cook! I don’t have a specialty or anything but I love trying different things and cooking for groups of people.