Dear Glee,

I have had an eating disorder for two years and have been in and out of treatment since. On your show, the character Marley has an eating disorder for two days and then magically recovers.  If someone has an eating disorder the disease does not just go away.

The point of my letter is to let you know that eating disorders aren’t a joke. I’ve been in treatment for two years and have missed out on so much of my life. I have fainted and been hospitalized many times. On your show Marley faints and then goes back to everyday life. I understand that it is very hard for anyone without an eating disorder to understand, but as a show, you have an obligation to thoroughly research any type of medical condition you write into your script.

–          A. (female, age 14)

Dear Glee,

I am writing to you to address your episode on eating disorders. I speak from experience. I am 11 years old going on 12 and I am currently battling Anorexia. I have had an eating disorder for almost a year now and I personally am very mad about the way you portrayed the disease. I love Glee, and watch it all the time, but not I am having doubts. First off, if you really develop an eating disorder it would most certainly take more than two days to recover. Second, if Marley really did faint in music class, the teachers would send her to the hospital. After reading this, I hope you make dire changes to your show from now on. How appropriate that I am writing in February which is the National Eating Disorder Awareness Month.

–           M.S. (Male, age 11)