I was driving around this weekend doing a bit of this and a bit of that. I randomly looked up to the top of my windshield and noticed the oil change sticker. I glanced down at the odometer and noticed I was due for an oil change and my car needed service. I needed to give it what it needs to function properly. If we don’t give a car what it needs, it breaks down, isn’t reliable and doesn’t do its job. Much like the things that happen to our body when Ed takes over. We don’t function properly.

So I took the car in and got it serviced so it’s in tip top shape. It’s strong again and I don’t fear it not being able to take me where I need to go. We need to treat our body the same way. We need to give it the fuel it needs to function properly to take us where we need to go. Without the proper fuel, our body can’t work. Recovery gives us the ability to properly nourish ourselves to help foster a strong body and mind. Without food we will die. Without fuel our car will not run.

Following recovery gives your body what it needs to survive.  Respect your body and give it what it needs for fuel to run in a healthy fashion.  Do it all without Ed being involved.  Don’t let Ed influence your decisions; listen to recovery for the healthy messages and by doing so, you will be strong and free.

Eat your meal plan, eat a risk food, go out to dinner with friends and family, have an extra snack (it’s ok) and feed your soul with love and positive self talk.  Build your foundation of recovery and nourish your body and brain with fuel so you can continue to drive forward and find freedom. You can do it!

With health, hope and strength,