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Athletes & Eating Disorders

Why Athletes?

Studies show athletes may be 2-3 more times more likely to have an eating disorder than non-athletes. Data also suggests an incidence as high as 42 percent in aesthetic sports.

Athletes who develop disordered eating patterns or eating disorders will not only become less competitive and more prone to injury, they also risk permanent physical damage that may even be life threatening.

Warning Signs of Athletes & Eating Disorders

  • Repetitive/over exercise
  • Distorted body image
  • Over focus on dieting or weight
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Depression or anxiety

Walden’s GOALS Program – Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Competitive Athletes
Athletes require a unique and individualized approach to eating disorder treatments specific to their population. That’s why Walden created the GOALS Program, the first in New England to help athletes of all ages (high school, college, adult) achieve optimal health and wellness, so they can better reach their training and performance goals.

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