Walden Partners with Mobile App Company to Help Patients Manage Eating Disorders

Recovery Record Enables Continuous Monitoring of Eating Disorder Patients

Walden is the first hospital for treating eating disorders to use a mobile app for co-managing eating disorders recovery. The mobile app platform Recovery Record will provide patients with evidence based treatment from anywhere, at any time. The app, which can be downloaded and used on an iPhone, iPad or Android, enables patients and their providers to continuously monitor a patients progress. The system incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a research-backed therapy for eating disorders; personalized meal plans; clinical goals, and motivational enhancement. Mastery of coping skills, an integral component of the platform, is directed at challenging unwanted behaviors and reducing vulnerability to relapse.

“Recovery Record extends treatment well beyond the limits of the therapy hour or program and is the next best thing to having medical staff treating patients around the clock,” according to Walden President and CEO Stuart Koman. “Continuously monitoring patients will help Walden’s clinical staff ensure that patients are receiving the right level and type of care. We can provide patients with the help they need when they need it most.”

Data Collection to Chart Patient Progress

Walden will be the first eating disorder treatment hospital to implement a new feature that collects data charting patient progress and makes it readily available to clinical teams as part of standard care. Patients can provide their data at their convenience using questionnaires that are secure and HIPAA-complaint.

“By using the app to collect data, we hope to achieve higher compliance, because patients will be prompted and will be able to provide data in their spare time,” Koman said.

Recovery Record Implemented at All Levels of Care

All patients who enter Walden for an evaluation will sign onto Recovery Record and connect with Walden. All adult residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient patients will eventually use the app continuously. IT protocols are being further developed for inpatient use.

To learn more about the Recovery Record application, click here.