Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness is a type of awareness that involves observing and accepting our experience of the present moment without judging, avoiding or getting swept up in it.

Research shows that mindfulness helps reduce eating disorder behaviors, intrusive thoughts, anxiety and depression, among other benefits. In fact, practicing mindfulness actually begins to change the brain in as little as two weeks, and the effect is cumulative: the more you practice, the more benefits you see.

As a result, Walden offers a daily Mindful Moment across our continuum of care, focusing on one guided mindfulness practice each week. The goal is to introduce a range of practices so that each participant can discover what works best for them.

We are pleased to make recordings of each practice available online for members of our community who would like to continue these practices on their own, and for anyone who would like to learn more about mindfulness.

Introduction to Walden’s Mindful Moment

Week One


Guided Mindfulness of Breath

Week Two


Guided Mindfulness of Sound

Week Three


Guided Mindful Body Scan

Week Four


Guided Mindfulness of Thoughts