Does Body Shaming Impact You?

Body shaming is the discrimination, inappropriate statements or negative judgments related to a person’s appearance, weight, body type and/or size.

It’s when peers tease others for being “too overweight.” It’s when TV ads boast products that make you “thin” and “ideal.” Or when the media ridicules certain individuals who don’t meet Hollywood’s physical standards. It’s everywhere around us, impacting all genders, races and geographies.

Body shaming causes psychological harm. It isolates people. It can lower self-esteem, increase anxiety, result in depression – and even increase the risk of an eating disorder.

  • Do you ever feel embarrassed or ashamed by your body?
  • Do you view your body as not being “normal?”
  • Have negative body perceptions led to changes in your eating habits?
  • Have negative body perceptions led you to lose or gain weight?
  • Have negative body perceptions left you feeling anxious or depressed?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might be at risk for an eating disorder. (Note: Not all body shaming victims develop an eating disorder, but it might be worth learning more)