Adolescent Eating Disorder Treatment Program

Virtual Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Adolescents

You are not alone.

Parenting is never easy and can be especially tough right now. With everyone spending more time at home, you may be noticing your teen’s behaviors around food, weight, or body size for the first time. Or you might be seeing an increase in unhealthy behaviors related to food or exercise. Perhaps you thought you were on the road to recovery with your teen, but now you are worried about a relapse. No matter what you may be dealing with, we are here to help.

Here at Walden, we are proud to now offer virtual eating disorder treatment options for adolescents. That means treatment comes to you and your loved one – accessible via your smartphone or other in-home technology.

This is new territory for all of us. Although virtual programs are not the same as in-person care, they are proving to be easily accessible and allow for connectivity at a time when we all need it. These programs, like our in-person programs, have been designed to help adolescents develop or maintain their personal recovery goals.

Whether you and your teen are new to treatment or needing to refine skills, we are here to provide your entire family with the necessary structure and support.

Virtual Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for Adolescents

Our virtual adolescent partial hospitalization program (PHP) gives teens (12-18) and their parents/caretakers the skills and education necessary to move toward recovery. Our adolescent program uses Family-Based Treatment (FBT), an evidence-based model proven to support lasting recovery.

Primary Goals of Virtual PHP for Adolescents with Eating Disorders

  • Establish (or re-establish) normal patterns of eating
  • Understand and manage triggers
  • Interrupt and reduce the use of eating disorder behaviors

As part of our program, your child will work with a dedicated team of care professionals, including a dietitian, nurse practitioner, and therapist. Together, we will create personalized treatment plans and goals to help guide you on your path to recovery.

Our virtual partial program for adolescents runs five days per week, Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM-2:30 PM.

Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Adolescents

We have designed our intensive outpatient program (IOP) to fit into your family’s “new” schedule. Parents and caregivers are actively incorporated into treatment using Family-Based Treatment (FBT), one of the only methods proven to support lasting eating disorder recovery for adolescents.

Our virtual intensive outpatient program for adolescents is a complement to your child’s outpatient treatment team. We will work with your current provider to create the best treatment plan for you, your unique needs, and your recovery goals. If you do not currently have an outpatient team – that’s okay! One of our goals will be to help set you up with virtual providers in your area to help you continue your recovery after your time with us.

Primary Goals of Virtual IOP for Adolescents

  • Establish (or re-establish) normal patterns of eating
  • Learn and practice coping skills to replace disordered behaviors
  • Problem solve day-to-day stressors and triggers that may be getting in the way of lasting recovery

Your care team will include a diverse group of professionals, including a case manager, therapist, and mental health counselors. With their support, you will learn skills and coping techniques proven to support lasting recovery.

Our intensive outpatient programs meet three days a week from 3:45 PM – 6:45 PM.

To learn more or to schedule an evaluation, please fill out the form below or call our welcome center at 888-305-2997.

Virtual Support Groups for Families with Adolescents Enrolled in Virtual PHP or IOP

Family members need support too

Our adolescent families have the option to enroll in additional, no-cost groups for so they too can receive the connection and care they need… for themselves and to help best support their loved one.

Support groups open to current families of anyone participating in our virtual PHP and IOP for adolescents include:

  • Caregiver Support Group
  • Sibling Support Group
  • Parent Support Group
  • Parent DBT Skills
  • Parent Skills & Support
  • Parent Nutrition

We are here for you. Connect with us today to learn more about all of our programs and treatment options.