Specialized Eating Disorder Track for College Students

December 2018 – January 2019

Living with an eating disorder can be challenging – especially while juggling all of the new and unique experiences of college.

Here at Walden Behavioral Care, your health and academic success are important to us. We understand that balancing school-work, social commitments and other priorities can be stressful. We also recognize that seeking treatment comes with a lot of uncertainty and changes that may interrupt your college experience. We want to help put your mind at ease. Regardless of where you are in your recovery journey, we will do our best to help you continue your studies AND participate in treatment.

Walden’s specialized Track for College Students provides the right treatment, skills training and education to reduce disordered eating so that you can feel confident returning to campus for the spring semester.

This program will be offered at the following clinics:

  • Amherst, MA – December 17th to January 11th
  • South Windsor, CT – December 17th to January 11th
  • Guilford, CT – January 2nd – January 18th

You will learn:

  • Skills specific to common stressors on campus
  • Guidance on how to best navigate campus food services/dining halls
  • New ways to balance school work and relationships
  • Tips to better live autonomously

Program elements include:

  • Eating disorder education groups
  • Nutrition education groups
  • Dialectical Behavior and Cognitive Behavioral groups
  • Coached meals that mimic the college buffet style of eating
  • Group outings to the grocery store for exposure and anxiety management
  • Stress management groups
  • Body image groups
  • Media literacy groups
  • Creative expressions groups
  • Family support meetings
  • Managing dorm life
  • Managing relationships with significant others and friends at school
  • Substance abuse, eating disorders and college life group
  • Managing stress
  • Weekend planning

Admissions Process

This special track is open to all college-aged students with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder or other disordered eating patterns.

For more information please contact each clinic individually.

  • Amherst, MA – 413-582-0100
  • South Windsor, CT – 860-467-2210
  • Guilford, CT – 203-491-5060
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