Walden Eating Disorder Clinic in Amherst

Now offering evening IOP from 5:30 – 8:30 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Situated in a quiet location about a half a mile away from the University of Massachusetts, our Amherst eating disorder treatment clinic provides easy access to students and residents living in the five-college area. We offer partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient ED recovery programs and welcome adults and teens of all genders and their families. Family-Based Treatment is the focal point of our teen program and is designed to give parents an active and positive role in helping their child to reduce disordered eating behaviors, restore weight and resume proper adolescent development. With specialty programming including LGBTQ, trauma and college student tracks, a gender and sexuality alliance group for adolescents and outings for adults every other week, our Amherst clinic is dedicated to ensuring that you find a healing environment that addresses and supports your unique needs.

Amherst, MA Eating Disorder Conditions Treated

  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • Binge-Eating Disorder
  • Orthorexia
  • Co-Occurring Disorders

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Rebekah Bardwell, LPC, CEDS-S
Program Director

Environments are so important in the healing process and we take great pride in how you experience our beautiful Amherst location. Nestled within the ‘five colleges’ area of scenic Western Massachusetts, our passionate care team is diverse, empathetic and eager to help you in your healing journey to eating disorder recovery. If you are contemplating treatment, my advice is to think about what your eating disorder has taken away from you. Change can be scary, but I promise if you have the courage to call, we will be there to support you through every step of the way.

Stephanie Presson-Lapres, MSW, LICSW
Assistant Program Director

The physical environment in our Amherst clinic is explicitly welcoming and aesthetically pleasing with plenty of space, beautiful artwork and comfortable treatment spaces. I came to Walden with a lot of experience working in crisis settings both inpatient and outpatient and understand the importance of a multi-disciplinary treatment team.  I am thrilled to be part of such a warm, inclusive and experienced group of eating disorder specialists who understand that all recovery journeys are unique. I know that treatment can feel daunting, but with your strength and our support, healing can happen here.

What We Offer

This program is ideal for teens who are medically stable but who require the structure and support of day treatment. Parents will take on a more active role at this level of care, learning – alongside your child – how to replace maladaptive behaviors with coping skills and how to deal with uncomfortable emotions in the moment.

Designed for teens in need of more structured support than their outpatient team can provide, this level of care utilizes Family-Based Treatment, an evidence-based intervention proven to support lasting eating disorder recovery that is meant to equip you and your family with the skills necessary to best help your child.

This level of care is designed for individuals who require support during the day to optimize recovery success. You will experience a structured treatment environment focused on helping you to normalize eating patterns, target maladaptive coping behaviors and practice skills.

This program is designed for adults who need a bit more intensive support than their outpatient team can provide. This level of care focuses on providing you with the skills necessary to replace maladaptive coping behaviors and to provide you with the flexibility to also balance other priorities such as work, family and/or school.

Designed for adults living with binge eating disorder, this program is ideal for individuals who need a bit more intensive support than their outpatient team can offer. This level of care focuses on providing you with the skills necessary to replace maladaptive coping behaviors and provides you with the flexibility to also balance other priorities such as work, family and/or school.
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Our Locations
Walden Massachusetts
In Massachusetts, we offer all levels of specialized eating disorder care for children, teens and adults of all genders and their families with care facilities conveniently located near Boston – one of the nation’s leading hubs of medical and clinical innovation. Explore our locations in Massachusetts.
Walden Connecticut
Our expanding presence in the state includes the only state-of-the-art acute care hospital, one of few in the country, dedicated to the treatment and medical management of eating disorders. We offer day and evening eating disorder treatment programs for adults and adolescents of all genders and their families across our three locations. Discover healing at our Connecticut locations.
Walden Georgia
We support the vibrant and diverse communities in the Atlanta area and surrounding states by offering specialized eating disorder support at varying levels of care for adolescents and adults of all genders and their families. Learn about our sites in Georgia.
Walden Stories
Ben’s Road Toward Recovery

Professional cyclist Ben Frederick developed an eating disorder when he was forced to stop competing after being thrown from his bike during a race resulting in a traumatic brain injury. Ben shares his story of perseverance and strength as he learned to navigate the road to a full life in eating disorder recovery.

Coming Out Day

As proud allies, we are proud to foster a community, both for our patients and our employees, that values inclusivity and diversity. For this year’s “National Coming Out Day” some of our amazing employees decided to share their coming out stories in order to help others feel comfortable in doing so for themselves.

Walden on Gratitude

This year marks Walden Behavioral Care’s 15th Anniversary. Our staff came together to reflect on what makes working at Walden, and with you, so special.

90% of patients said their experience with their clinician was positive in helping them acquire coping skills and gaining insight into recovery.
The most helpful part of my experience at Walden was: meeting people who are going through the same things and gaining understanding and insight into my eating disorder.
“When I entered treatment, I felt as though I was in a safe space and it stayed that way my entire time at Walden. I felt very supported by all the people around me.”
93% said they felt welcomed by the staff when they began the program
“I learned a lot from informative sessions about the way our eating disorders work. The education around nutrition and food helped me understand what my body needs to thrive.”
“The staff is phenomenal. I truly couldn’t be happier with the skills I’ve learned during my time here. Thank you so much for saving me.”
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About Walden
Walden Behavioral Care is a rapidly-growing, national mental health care system specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. We are one of the only organizations committed to serving individuals of all genders and eating disorder diagnoses at all levels of care. We currently have 15 eating disorder treatment locations across New England and Georgia and have spent the past 15 years utilizing our evidence-based, personalized approach to treatment to help more than 20,000 people on their road to ED recovery. Based out of Waltham, MA, we employ more than 450 employees who are dedicated to supporting individuals living with eating disorders in accessing the care they need and deserve.