Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Online Consultation

Is this an “on-line” treatment service?

“Ask an Expert” is an on line consultation service, which is different from a service that provides treatment. We work with you to understand the questions you may have about eating disorders and provide you with information. We are not a therapy service. If treatment is indicated, we may identify this for you, and will encourage you to seek the appropriate service in your area.

Is my consultation confidential?

Yes. Due to the intensely private nature of mental health needs, many individuals and families struggle in isolation. For that reason, this site, and the consultations we provide are private. We make no record of your call or questions and will not contact you after your consultation.

Who do I talk with and how are they trained?

When you sign up with Ask an Expert, you will be scheduled to speak with one of our practicing staff who work in one of our eating disorder programs and have a minimum of two years of eating disorder treatment experience. All of our experts come from a variety of mental health disciplines.

Will I be contacted by Walden or any other organization after my call?

No. We recognize the sensitivity of the questions and topics we will discuss and assure you that you will not be contacted by the service after your call. Additionally, we will not sell your contact information to anyone or save it for our own use.