Treatment Programs

Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

Walden Behavioral Care offers outpatient treatment services via its subsidiary, Walden Psychiatric Associates. Walden Psychiatric Associates provides comprehensive outpatient support for individuals and families coping with all types of eating disorders and related conditions, within in a warm and accepting therapeutic environment.

Our multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, physicians, nurse practitioners, therapists and dietitians specialize in eating disorders. They have the level of expertise and understanding to best support you on your journey to self-discovery and healing.

Integrative Psychiatry Services

Under the direction of Dr. James Greenblatt, Walden Psychiatric Associates works with patients using integrative medicine for mental health. We believe that in addition to our environmental stressors, factors within the body contribute to mental and overall wellness. We take an individualized approach to treatment based on one’s unique biochemical, genetic, and nutritional status. Walden Psychiatric Associates combines the best of conventional (psychopharmacological) and integrative interventions to support and enhance treatment.