CherylKerrigan_NewpicFor those who have recovery stories to tell, no matter their illness, the reasons why people share or why they do not share are personal to each individual.  When I was going through my recovery, the last thing I was thinking about was writing a book on it or speaking about it.  I wasn’t even sure I could or would or wanted to recover, let alone talk about it.  However, that all changed.

Today, I do talk about my recovery story—to those suffering, to health care professionals, to families, to friends and more.  Why?  For me there are many reasons.  I do it to provide hope and strength.  I do it so others can “see” (me, a real person) that being “recovered” does exist…that recovery is real despite what the eating disorder is telling you.  I do it to offer tools that others may find helpful in their journey to help them break free and recover.  I do it to provide information for those who help care for their loved ones who are suffering.   I do it in memory of all of those who left us too soon because of Ed.  I do it so those suffering (and their loved ones) know they are not alone.   I do it to empower those suffering so they can find their voice and be free.  I do it because it is a passion that makes my heart and soul feel whole.

I believe it is important for those suffering and their families to hear recovery stories.  Hearing the stories of recovery provides hope and validation that recovery does exist.  In the Boston area, you can go to MEDA – Multi Service Eating Disorder Association every month for Hope and Inspiration where an individual tells their recovery story. You can also listen to recovery stories on this website by visiting the resources tab.

As you go along your path of recovery, keep in mind you are not alone.  Gain strength and hope from those who came before and continue to fight for those who come after.  The journey, the story, the path and the experiences are different for all, but it’s the freedom of recovery we can relish in together that is worth the fight.

With health, hope and strength,